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[UK SHIP] Original V5.0.5 Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL Benz key programmer including BGA calculation [ Buy Now Send Free  EIS/ELV Test Lines ] 

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Product Description

  1. 100% Genuine Xhorse VVDI Benz VVDI MB TOOL BGA Key Programmer support frequently online update,can program Benz key, read password and prepare new key via IR.
  2. Ship from UK, No Tax!

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL [ Buy Now Send Free  EIS/ELV Test Lines

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1.Buy Now Send Free  EIS/ELV Test Lines
2.For VVDI2 Full version customers (Vag 4th and 5th and bmw obd and cas4 already activated), Pls offer SN of vvdi2 if you have to buy the vvdi mb in 873GBP and we will active followings freely:
  • 48 copy by OBDII
  • 96bit 48 calculation activation 
  • MQB activation
  • FEM activation
VVDI MB TOOL latest software version V5.0.5 update
*** 2020-05-26 
*** Require firmware V5.0.1 
===== BENZ V5.0.5 =====
1. Support VVDI smart key(FBS3) get bonus points
2. Support synchronize device time manually from menu
3. Bugfix
Download link:

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL Function Introduction:

1. Support BE key, read password and prepare new key via IR.
2. NEC V051,V057 support on board get password 
3. All NEC keys support on board write and erase 
4. Password calculate:support BGA keys,NEC keys(include 51,57version)etc.,work fast.
5. Support renew EIS and ELV
6. Support write EIS and ELV
7. Support online generate key file
8. Unlock ELV function will be released soon.
9. Renew other control modules function will support soon 
1. This item needs to be customized from Xhorse company. Need 5-10 days to get ready before shipment.
2. If you have bought Condor key cutting machine (SL252 IKEYCUTTER CONDOR XC-007 Master or SL273 Original iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI ), you can buy SK185-B at 1200usd Only
3. It Supports Password Calculator Function. Each time will cost 35USD. It takes 4 minutes to collect data, and 2 minutes to calculate.
4. Not Support All Key Lost
Latest Version: V5.0.5 
Update Notice: Require firmware V5.0.5 
Password Calculation: Read EIS under OBD mode will check car power automatically. Avoid lost data in EIS
Latest Technical Details:
VVDI MB BGA tool update goes well, the following workable models are for reference only. 

Learn more:VVDI MB TOOL User Manual

Model Support IR/OBD:

W164, W164 2009+
A166, W197,W212, W218, A246
A169, W209, W211
W172, W204, A207
W204, W207, W212 only by dump
W209 only by dump
W215, W220

Keys Version Supported:

v03, v06, v08
v05, v07, v09
This two adapters is not in the parcel. If you need them, you need buy along.
Two adapters: one for versions 28, 35, 40, 51, 57, another one for version 59. 
EIS/ELV Test Line for Mercedes for W204 W212 W221 W164 W166 W205 W222 

Mercedes Locks Platform Test Line for W204 W212 W221 W164 W166  ISM  7-G (W205 W222)
Adding 3 more cables as the picture show.
The first is Gearbox computer refresh diagnostic line, the second one is Hanging lever computer refresh diagnostic lines. The third is for W205 W222.

Scope of application:

The EIS ELV maintenance
Key programmer
Detection key

Package List:

1set x Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL
1*EIS/ELV Test Line 


VVDI MB BGA tool do Benz 2013 E260 all ley lost

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