2 Ways To Program Chevrolet Corvette c6 2005 – 2013 Key Fobs

There are 2 ways to program Chevrolet Corvette C6 2005 – 2013  key fobs into brand new installed RCDLR just flashed that has no fobs programmed to it.

  • The first is to use Tech2win alone, but your looking at a 30 min wait.
  • The second is TDS RCDLR relean, with the relearn box checked, with only ends up with a 10 min wait. The glitch, is this option may not pop up for you, hence placing the RCDLR into relean mode during the flash of program and replace.

So you flashing the new RCDLR are replace and program, and lets just say that you could not do it with the relearn mode option (did not get it, or forgot to check the box).

In Tech2win, go to RCDLR programming, select erase all Fobs, and let it to its thing. Now go back, and select slot one to program in a Fob. In the DIC, you’re going to get press stop (igntion button) to start the count down(s). If you did get the RCDLR into relearn mode with the flash, your going to get a count down of 10 mins, and right after the count down, DIC will read install fob 1 in slot (buttons to the right), car will beep when the Fob is learned in the slot, pull it, hit unlock on the fob, and the DIC will tell you ready to install Fob 2. So put Fob 2 in the slot, car will beep once it learned it, pull it and pres the unlock button, and if that is all the fobs you have, hit stop of the ignition and will be done.

If RCDLR was not put into relearn mode on the flash, then what is going to happen is after the first 10 min count down, DIC is going to say press off button (again), and you will need to do this within three mins of the end of count down, for a total of three times (30 mins) before you going to see ready to learn Fob 1 in the DIC. Once you see ready for Fob 1, insert fob1 into slot with buttons to the right, car will beep once it learned the fob, pull it and hit unlock on the fob, and DIC will say ready for fob 2 (and so on).

I bring all this up, since was helping a lad over the phone getting his replacement RCDLR flashed and fobs programmed in, and when you went to replace and firmware flash the new RCDLR in TDS, was not getting the relearn in the list, nor the check box to put the RCDLR into relearn mode when he as firmware flashing the device. So this ended up with him having to do the three count downs of 10 each before the RCDLR/DIC would get to the ready fob 1 in the DIC. Also during the count down, will get no fobs deteted in the DIC that will pop up a few times, but this is normal, since not fobs have been programmed into it yet.

I’m hoping that TDS did not remove the Relearn option in the module list under VDT, or he just was not checking the box, but need to check this when I get a chance if TDS did remove this all together for the $40 for 2 years SPS subscriptions, and forcing the end user to use the 30 min method (3-10’s) for programming fobs into a RCDLR that does not have any fobs programed to it yet.

And just a FYI, but you have to program the fobs in first, so you can put the car into Acc mode to do the TPMS learns next.
Hence not fobs programmed in yet, and you all you are going to get in the DIC is “no fobs detected” when you try to use the starter button.