Can I program xhorse super chips by Autel IM608, IM508 and km100?


Question: I would like to know if Autel IM608IM508 and km100 can program xhorse super chips?

Autel Km100 Cannot Generate Vvdi Super Chip 4

Here is the clue.

It can program key but can’t generate. so you have to generate the key n xhorse tool.

They need to need generated as the proper chip type with a vvdi device first, then yes, you can program them with a different programmer. May work on some random id46 stuff as they are id46 as default.

I used super chip to successfully generate a dealer key for a 4th gen audi, but it has to be set to the correct transponder type first, in this case it was id8E, but of course it will vary from brand to brand. It’s a great idea to keep some oem transponders because it can fail.