CG100X V1.1.6.0 Update Information

CG100X V1.1.6.0 new Update on June 18th, 2023

1.Volkswagen MQB added “D70F3525+95320” meter adjustment models

2.Added 10 chips to Programer.

3.Added 31 models to airbag.

4.Added 5 models to read-write.

The following chips are added for Programer:


D70F3550-5 lines

D70F3551-5 lines

D70F3552-5 lines

D70F3553-5 lines

D70F3554-5 lines

D70F3555-5 lines

D70F3556-5 lines

D70F3557-5 lines

D70F3559-5 lines

The following models are added for airbag:

BAIC A512C00112(E00098305) R7F701A033

Benz A166 900 20 3 95128

Honda 77960-3K0-P810-M1 TC234-24F

Honda 77960-T81-H220-M4 SPC56AP54

BYD AUTO SCEA-3658100F(SEC30) Step One95640

BYD AUTO SCEA-3658100F(SEC30) Step TwoSPC560P50L3

MAXUS C00100169 95320(H320)

MAXUS C00224537 95320(H320)

Toyota 89170-42D40 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-F4560 R7F701A223

FuDi 36581000K8AA SPC560P40L1

FuDi 36581000K8AB SPC560P40L1

Ford HP5T-14B321-AE R7F701A033

Ford GV4T-14B321-DE 95640

Ford JD8T-14B321-CE R7F701A033

Ford MR3T-14B321-EA XC2336A-72F

Ford FL1T-14B321-AC XC2361A-56F

Redflag 3607115-E16 R7F7010093

Geely 6600003684 643572100 XC2336A-72F

Geely 1304285 635665100 XC2366B-40F

Geely 641533200 95320(H320)

Geely 641604100 95320(H320)

Geely 645937000 95320(H320)

Geely 11300244 R7F7010093

JAC 5824901U7105 95160(H160)

JAC 5824901V5002 R7F701A033

JAC 5824901V5003 R7F701A033

JMC MS1-14B056-AB 95320(H320)

Hyundai 95910-DQ000 95512

Chevrolet 13529157 SPC56AP54

Citroen 9851129380 TC222-16F

The following models are added for dashboard read-write:

Peugeot 9850073680 XC2336B-40F(read writer)

Toyota 89170-50L53 R7F701A223(read writer)

Cadillac 25832109 95160(read writer)

Nissan 98820-6XJ0A TC222-16F(read writer)

ChangAn 3658100-CD21 TC224-16F(read writer)