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ISTA 4.39.20 Torrent

ISTA standalone 4.39.20

You can also download the ISTA 4.39 German language separately.

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Installer file structure

Example file structure for installer:
| ista_standalone_installer_4.28.13.exe
| ISTA_v4.28.13.22878.7z (required)
| BLP_4.28.12.7z (required)
| SDP_4.28.12.7z (optional, only for programming)
| ExecutionBreak_4.28.12 (optional)
| setup.ini (need to compare files with MD5 hash)
OTHER_4.28.13.7z (required)
EN_4.28.13.7z (required)
DE_4.28.13.7z (optional)
ZH_4.28.13.7z (optional)
RU_4.28.13.7z (optional)
IT_4.28.13.7z (optional)

Compatible devices:

BMW ICOM, BMW ICOM Next clone & original, VXDIAG VCX SE BMW

System requirements for ISTA 4.21.3x and higher:

1. Windows 10 v1903 or higher
2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8.x
3. Visual C++ Runtime 2015-2019
4. Google Chrome
5. Windows username should not contain spaces, dashes and special characters like “ö”.

Windows 7/8 not supported!!!
Internet Explorer and EDGE not supported!!!

How to Install?

autoinstaller, no activation needed
installation is very simple, there is an installer, it couldn’t be easier if you can read.

ISTA Standalone

* fix ICOM connection with enabled “Ethernet as preferred communication channel…”
* Reject fake FSC’s disabled permanently.
* disable CheckSystemRequirements is now possible in ISTAGUI.exe.config. (Windows 7 not supported)
* enable programming with ENET is now possible in ISTAGUI.exe.config (at your own risk.)
* (support removed due to incompatibility) Diagnose for J29 (Toyota Supra) is now always enabled.
* read FASTA Data from Vehicle is disabled in ISTAGUI.exe.config
* if you use my Regfiles, open it with Notepad and change the InstallLocation to the right Location on her PC. (not needed with Installer)

– for Diagnose only, neccessary SQLiteDBs GLOBAL(required), en-GB(required), de-DE(optional) and BLP(required) in the same patchVersion as App (example 4.39.2x).
– for Programming is SDP needed, using older or newer Versions allowed.