How to read and write EDC17CV41 ECU on bench by Foxflash

Both pcmtuner and foxflash will read and write EDC17CV41 ECU on bench.

PCMTuner EDC17CV41 Pinout

Pcmtuner Edc17cv41 1

Edc17cv41 Read/Write, checksum ok. Need to check whether you have version 1 or 2 as gpt pins go on different pins / point.

worked on pins GPT 66 68. used module 71.

Pcmtuner Edc17cv41 3 Pcmtuner Edc17cv41 4


Foxflash EDC17CV41 Pinout

Connect the multi-function cable as follows. For this ECU there are 2 different types of hardware versions, try the following 2 combinations in series. The ECU will not suffer any damage during connection tests.

Foxflash Edc17cv41 Pinout 1

Some ECUs enter bench mode with the pinout below

Foxflash Edc17cv41 Pinout 2

To read and write use the following driver:
→ [brand]
→ TC1797 – [brand]
→ EDC17 CV41