How to Read SID305 by PCMTuner Via OBD?

Question: Renault Espace 2010 SID305 Any pinout, Bench or OBD? PCMtuner site does not show pinout, window is white. Is possible read and write Sid305 in Bench?

Answer: SID305 is done via OBD (module 25), so no pinout.

Module 25

Renault/Nissan 1.5dCi is OBD.

Pcmtuner Read Renault SID305 2

PCMTuner SID305 Success reports:

1). Nissan juke 1.5dci Sid305 Dtc off

2). Nissan Qashqai 1.5DCI SID305/306 OBD Read and Write – OK

3). Renault scenic3 1.5dci Read and write with pcm tuner, sid305 Dpf off

4). Renault Scenic 1.5DCI 2009 – SID305 OBD Read/Write – No problem

5). read and write via obd Renault scenic3 sid305 with no problems

6). SID305 1.5Dci OBD R/W sounds good

7). Renault Scenic 3, sid305 1,5 MB read/write OBD

8) Sid305 Obd read and write, nissan Qashqai 1.5dci

9) Renault scenic 1,5dci 2012 95cv SID305 Module 25 reading/writing stage 1 —> OBD Checksum ok