How to solve Autel IM608 Kadjar 2016+ Read PIN Failed UCH Blank Error

Here comes the problem:

An Autel MaxiIM IM608 user was doing a 2017 Kadjar im608 spare key job. Start procedure to read pin but failed. He has no ISK and BCM is on virgin state.  Dflash 64kb is saved on im608. Read dflash with smok and it is different than original saved by im608. Try to repeat key learning and add success. Bcm mcu is 0n13e spc5606B it’s locked for read and write.

Immo shows, Keys 0, virgin state not learned.  With smok ISK target not found. Any solution?


Here’s the clue:

Renault after 2016 are the worst card to work on. You must fully charge car or user additional power supply.  Kadjar is much more dangerous because it cannot be backed up after a failure.

Best solution:

Once dflash is virgin state, Renault server can bring it back to life. You can learn UCH online. Someone with an online account at Renault (who works for the dealer) can relearn the UCH and reprogram the key. Online renault should adapt it to car and you retry to learn. Once you will learn uch and relearn original card – after that you can start once again with adding spare card.


Option solution: Autel support (for Autel device only)

Autel Kajar Virgin Uch

The car is back to life.

If this happen to anyone don’t waste time trying to restore this with available tools on the market.

Read ecu in boot mode sid310 and get someone to extract ISK is not working.

Only way to code this car is 32 digit pin number that sofar im aware its only available in BCM or available with

Ecu sid310 holds ISK number but its not 32 digits. Its 16 and its used to virgin ecu I believe with different tools…Not for programming immo..and I can’t see any available tool that can extract 32digit pin from sid310.

Bcm is locked for reading on bench. I make up jtag connection and tried with Smok ..CPT ..VVDI.
Smok and CPT can see mcu ID but then a message appears mcu no connection or locked for reading.
So can’t even backup data before key learning.
So don’t waste time taking it out.
Bcm Mcu mask 0N13E spc5606BK.

Found source to get pin through Renault. But Autel support was quicker.

Once I opened thicket through and report my issue. Few days after guy emailed me to upload logs from fail to add key.

1 hour later he emailed me back that data is corrected now on server for my car.

Try add again and 32 digit pin was displayed on im608.

Continue make dealer key and add two keys successfully.
No additional coding needed it. car started as normal.

Autel support fixed the file on their side and that allow me to continue the job with im608 and finish the learning procedure.

They adjust the data on the server. maybe the software version of this bcm was the problem and they just add it to server manually.

I am happy that the problem has been solved, the truth is that it encourages us to continue using the Autel device.

FYI: What is a better tool to do Kadjar 2016+?

Smart pro and AVDI are good for Renault.  AVDI save file and configuration,write new Flash for read PIN code & program Cards. It is safe. Other tools on the market don’t have this function.

It keeps logs and backups making it the safer option.

However there is a risk on all of these later renault systems no matter what tool you use, abrites or smart pro there is still a risk involved.

for instance smart pro clearly state on their my keys site that for kadjar and other renault models

” There are some inherant risks in writing uch software, it is impossible for advanced diagnostics to completely remove these risks, the tester will have a warning screen about software use to which you will have to agree before you can continue with the process”

so smart pro does warn of risks and you continue at your own risk and responsibility . they also clearly state that adequate battery support is essential! not advised but essential, and a battery pack is not adequate battery support.

so the reality is nothing is 100% safe with these systems, just some tools are safer than others.

avdi did have a problem on uk built trafic and vivaro which they quickly fixed,  but there’s still a risk all be it smaller, these systems carry a risk, no tool is 100% safe to use on them.