How to solve FoxFlash Damaged by Power Oversupply

Here goes the problem:

I gave power to the programmer from both sides to make it damaged, and now it has no communication with the laptop. Is it possible to fix this FoxFlash?

Foxflash Power Supply Damaged 1

There is no visible damage on the board.

Foxflash Power Supply Damaged 2

Here tech shares the

Possible Solution:

Step 1

Check if computer identifies device

Connect Foxflash Tool via USB (do not open the program), add 12v power supply, and open Windows device manager.

Check device is showing in USB list.


An additional driver is displayed in the list when USB to Serial Converter is connected

Foxflash Power Supply Damaged 3

Foxflash Power Supply Damaged 4

Step 2

Try a different USB Cable and Port and new 12v power supply as the power supply unit may be damaged as well.


lights are on when USB is connected LEDs are on there is no possibility to install USB drivers

Step 3.

Uninstall USB to serial converter device and delete driver, reinstall Foxflash usb driver and plug in device.

If that fails then 2 voltage regulators LM317T’s and 1 V8674120 would be initial tests, get somebody trained in PCB repairs to do these tests.

Hope this could help!