How to solve Foxflash Failed to Read Honda EDC17CP16


I had issues with FoxFlash software clicking midway through reading and kicking you off.  It did it a few times on the last ECU I read but just thought it may be a connection issue & managed to read ok. It’s doing exactly the same thing again.

I’ve tried 3 different Power Supplies. Also tried to Fox & Benchbox. Tried different USB cables. The voltage suddenly drops then it fails. This is after trying various power supplied & also directly to a car battery with a charger on. I’ve check, recheck & checked again. Just read a VW EDC17 bench perfectly using same power supply. Any solution?

Foxflash Honda Edc17cp16 1

Foxflash Honda Edc17cp16 2


Don’t waste you time this ecu impossible to read on bench! Only jtag/open mode!

BOSCH EDC17 CP16 [ TC1796 INT.F.] – Honda

Read and write ECU in boot mode

Connect with the multifunction cable the following pinout and the boot shown below.
Use the driver:
→ SAK TC1796

Foxflash Honda Edc17cp16 4


I’ve managed to read it Boot Mode.

The only way I solved this was by Opening the ECU & reading in BOOT mode. Worked perfectly that way. Wrote in Boot Mode & Checksum by foxflash tool.

Foxflash Honda Edc17cp16 3