How to solve Foxflash Simos 18.1 Error Unlock Password Write

Hello, I have a problem when writing simos18.1 with foxflash, the ecu is connected in boot. (I am sure it’s connected correctly because I checked it over 20 times and was able to read password and then files and do the write all successfully). When I try to write back by doing write all and use the original _all file it writes without any problem. When I write the original separately by either doing eeprom or flash it gives an error saying “error unlock password write 1”. Same thing happens when I write modified file back.
Foxflash Simos 18 Error Unlock Password Write 1 Foxflash Simos 18 Error Unlock Password Write 2 Foxflash Simos 18 Error Unlock Password Write 3


Ensure the password file password_adv is located in the Dfb main program folder.

Path: \Program Files (x86)\FoxFlash Manager\foxflash\DFB Technology folder.

Remove all resistors and boot from ecu, Connect up power+canH+CANL and do a bench OBD get info. then disconnect from do bench mode password, read password (delete old password from folder first). then disconnect bench and read flash eprom. Power off ecu /fox flash and restart foxflash software. Connect again, and try Write.