How to solve Foxflash “There is An Error in XML Document”


I have downloaded foxflash software but it cannot get it started. Software not open and gives 2 errors.

Foxflash There Is An Error In XML Document 2

Error 1: Fetech data: invalid JSON primitive.

Foxflash There Is An Error In XML Document

Error 2: There is an error in XML document.


Operating system issue.

Change another computer with Windows 10 64bit O/S.

Follow steps below to run Foxflash software.

1 Shutdown date and time automatically syncs
2: shutdown defender
3: shutdown antivirus system
4: run foxflash manager click active button
5 : keep manger run
6: run foxflash

FYI: If you get blue screen or the application failed to start problems, change a Win10 64bit system as well.

Foxflash Application Unable To Start Foxflash Bluescreen 1