How to solve Foxflash Write SID310 Error SilentKey


Foxflash reads Renault SID310 ok but Impossible to write sid 310 via OBD (Error SK2, Error Silentkey). Any solution?

Foxflash Sid310 Error Sk2 1 Foxflash Sid310 Error Sk2 2 Foxflash Sid310 Error Sk2 3


Start the engine and let it idle for 10 minutes, then it will allow you to write. If you turned it on, try to leave it for 10 minutes ONLY with the ignition on.

The ignition MUST be left on or the engine turned on AFTER the reading for the ECU/TCU to exit the initial programming state (copying in this case).

The contact must be kept at all times, at Renault “with button” it is a little more complicated because it keeps closing, there are 2 options, you press the button from 15 in 15 sec or you press the start button 20 s and then it should not close.