How to solve Launch X431 V+ Device Corrupt Error

Launch X431 V+ shows: Your device is corrupt, it can’t be trusted and will not boot. How to solve?

Solution: Reflash the tablet

Reflash files Download:


Two Steps to reflash the X431 V+ tablet:

1. Use Qfil to flash into the special aboot.img
2. Use Qfil to reflash back to the default setting

Step 1:  Use Qfil to flash into the special aboot.img

1. Prepare the special aboot.img: download the emmc_appsboot_printlog_and_repair.mbn above

2. Prepare X431 Android tablet, i.e WIFI PRC TB-X605FC_S000078_200119_PRC

3. Open Qfil, load software TB-X605FC_S000078_200119_PRC

4.Turn off tablet. Press power key and plug in USB cable at the same time, machine will enter EDL, Qfil will recognize port 9008

5. Press Tools tab-> Partition Manager, then press OK


6. In the partition list, find a line which Label is aboot

7. Right-click the selected aboot line, and then select Manage Partition Data in the pop-up box

8. Load Image

9. Upload aboot image emmc_appsboot_printlog_and_repair.mbn downloaded above

10. Reflashing device in process. Click Close->Close->OK, the tablet with restart.

Step 2: Use Qfil to reflash back to the default setting

Turn off  X431 V+ Tablet, press and hold the volume up button and plug in the usb cable at the same time.
Make the machine enter 9008 mode again.
Use Qfil to reflash into the default setting.

Please note that:

The above fixes for RPBM partition data errors have been completed.
If the machine fails to start after the first step of reflashing into the special aboot operation, then it may not be the same problem, please send the machine to your dealer for further analysis.