How to use VXDIAG For GM E67 and E38 SPS Programming

Here is the new GM E67 and E38 SPS programming review from one of‘s customers.

Just used the new Techline, $45 subscription, and a VXDIAG VCX Nano gm interface to flash my $27 EBay E67 from 2006 Malibu to a 2012 ZL1, simply using Manual VIN, on the bench. No other modules installed.

Then, connected it to the real 2010 Camaro E38, another $45, updated it’s OS, and flash updated the ABS module, since I often see “Service Stablitrack” on startup. That was one of the updates the newer ABS OS fixed.

I have the vx manager software installed and running with the gm and pass through options included.
I have also installed gdi and tech2 software.

I can get tech2 emulated software to run but I get a warning not to use sps – although from what you say, it should work.

If you want to use the nano with sps, you need to uninstall everything except the passthru driver for the nano. Then go to and choose sps programming, install techline connect and eventually if you get it all installed and updated you can use the nano for sps. It does work but can be a struggle to get sorted. Need windows 10, 4gb ram will work.

The VCX software itself (VCX Manager) is fine, installs no problems, at least for me. The problem comes when you try to install the  Tech2Win and MDI software. But you dont need that part to run TechLine. TechLine connects to the VCX Directly.

I did make one mistake on that Ebay E67… because it was a much earlier ECU than what I told TechLine, I needed to use REPLACE, and I used Manual flash, which ended up corrupting the VIN since it was not from, which is not a show stopper, but once Techline flashes the ECU, it will not re-download the files to re-flash, as it thinks it’s already flashed so it skips it on repeated attempts. So I need to use other tools to fix the VIN, which I do not have, but the VCX Nano itself works just fine,

Flashed my 2010 Camaro BCM to the updated OS, and also flashed the stock 2010 E38 in the same camaro to the newer OS, using Techline, both had no problems.

No problems with any of it, worked great.