Mini VCI or VXDIAG which is a better to connect Toyota/Lexus VGRS* system?

Mini VCI or VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota which is a better cable to connect Toyota/Lexus VGRS* system?

Here is the customer review.

I have a Lexus 2004 gx470. It has the VGRS steering warning on the dashboard. It previously had another warning related to the VSC and my service told to clear that fault by doing a wheel alignment and resetting/clearing some codes with techstream software.

I have been reading through the threads on the VGRS issues and had downloaded Techstream to do a steering angle adjust.

I purchased the mini vci cable off of Amazon and am running version 1.4.8 and techstream 16.000.07. In the yellow settings I’m not getting a VGRS option, There is no vgrs tab for me to open is the problem, I have the abs/vac/trac and that’s it. I’m trying to recenter the steering wheel. Have read on the forum where the steering angle adjustment is in the vgrs tab.

Do i need a new version on this? So I was able to upgrade my techstream to version 18, still not able to access the VGRS system on the vehicle. I’ve read where it can be related to the cable. Not sure on that end.

Then i get the vxdiag vcx nano toyota cable and download techstream v18 on site. I see there is a VGRS section, then click on utility on the left to get adjustment menu.

I thought it was a cable issue.


VGRS= (Variable Gear Ratio Steering) System
VGRS which variably controls the steering angle in accordance with the driving speed, has been adopted as optional equipment on the model for Europe.
This system is controlled by the VGRS ECU, which operates the VGRS actuator that is mounted on the steering intermediate shaft. The operating angle of the actuator is thus added to the steering angle of the intermediate shaft in order to vary the turning angle of the front wheels in accordance with the vehicle speed.
 The VGRS ECU is equipped with a diagnosis function and a fail-safe function.