Promotion! Lonsdor LKE Emulator Annual Lowest Price

Lonsdor [Big discount for LKE] & [SKE Trade-In LKE] Promotional activity start on June 18th

June 18th-30th, 2020
Super discount for K518 user
Buy LKE at bottom price

Lonsdor LKE Emulator: 218GBP with shipping free
Lonsdor k518ise + LKE : 1134GBP with shipping free
Lonsdor k518S + LKE  :772GBP with shipping free

SKE Trade-In LKE
The more SKE(min.3pcs, max 5pcs) you have, the cheaper trade-in price you will get. Please click activib icon in K518 to get detailed information.
Activity icon will show in K518 on June 18th.Please connect K518 to network on June 18th.

lonsdor ske