What is the difference Between VXDIAG VCX SE J2534 And CarDaq Plus 3

Question: Currently looking at the VXDIAG VCX SE or MULTI Tool for all brands including laptop – Have looked at the cardaq but don’t know what to choose?

Here is the clue.

CarDag doesn’t emulate original VCIs as VXDIAG does. VXDIAG emulates OEM VCIs – also supports J2534 like cardaq.

For example, Cardag cannot work with Ford IDS, only FJDS -FDRS. VXDIAG works with all IDS, Forscan, FJDS, FDRS.

CarDag cannot be replaced for a VCX SE or C6 VCI used in XDOS either. CarDag only works with xentry passthru version. With the Passthru and XPT devices you cannot work a priori on K lines, therefore older vehicles that use them will not be covered. VXDIAG works with both XDOS and Xentry Passthru.

CarDag device can be used as a simple Passthru device, it is not a 1:1 replacement for OEM VCI.

VXDIAG VCI will emulate following software

Toyota Techstream

Honda HDS

Benz Xentry


Subaru SSM3/SSM4

JLR SDD Pathfinder


Ford/Mazda IDS

Renault Clip

Volvo VIDA

GM GDS2/Tech2win


www.obdiitool.co.uk has software loaded to a laptop ready to go. We have a decent T440p with an i7 processor and 8GB ram, you could purchase an SSD and then upgrade the ram when you get it.

VXDIAG VCX SE Full with 2TB HDD Preloaded on T440P laptop

VXDIAG Multi Tool VCI with 2TB Full Brand HDD Preloaded on T440P laptop

VXDIAG VCX SE/Multi VCI also can be used as J2534 passthru for Hyundai/Kia J2534, Techstream official, FDRS, FJDS, Techline Connect SPS2, pcmflash, bitbox, alexflasher, gromcalc and much more.

Cardag Plus 3

Cardag Plus 3, openport 2.o, scanmatik 2 pro, Autel maxiFlash and Bosch MDI they are pretty much the same. Only that the Cardaq supports passthru-2 and DOIP and it’s approved by all OEMs, but if you’re on a budget you can get a good quality GM MDI clone (there’s even a Bosch firmware that you can put on it)  and that works fine for most applications.