Solved! Ktag V7.020 Car Protocols Gray Buttons

Offer working solution to Ktag 7.020 error “ any car protocols its gray buttons”, can’t select or choose any cars . ktag v7.020 does communicate between laptop and ktag device and can select cars/trucks/….etc


It does have power.

Ktag V7.020 1

Possible reason and solution:

  1. connect 12v adapter.

Ktag -2

  1. The problem is in the SD CARD that is in the interface. I had the same problem and solved it. Programming the sd card for KTAG and KESS is a very difficult process that cannot be done by everyone. There are two options 1. that somebody who knows, do – can program a new sd card or other option to buy SD CARD.

ktag 3


  1. or the problem is with nxp.

Here is NXP chip sold in China.

ktag 4


Last but not least, ensure you have one good quality of Ktag clone. i.e SE135-B1 (73.39euro, red pcb), SE135-E(63.22euro, red pcb).