How to rework MPPS v18 clone?

I made an Opel Zafira 2.0L with y20dth engine hybrid control unit PSG16. Connect with the tricore cable CAN-L and CAN-H directly to the pump.

MPPS V18 has read the PSG16 in 2-3 minutes, to write 7-8 minutes.
Make sure you have enough voltage when writing because the fan starts running (or disconnect it before write) if something goes wrong here you’re f**ked.

MPPS calculates the checksum automatically all perfect.
I use MPPS v18 from China are worked.


what do I have reworked? I have purchased the file firmware , or unlock?

Do not cut the green and white wires.
Simply make a cut around and join with the MPPS cables.
Ensure stable voltage during writing.


Method 2:

The reason to rework mpps because some cheap MPPS china need rework. One comes with missing components and different resistors are installed with red marks below:

D1 = PESD1CAN ESD protection

Enlarge it and see what’s missing.


mpps 2

You must solder K line driver in empty U8 place not in U12 where is Lm2903


Here is schematic if it also helps

mpps 3

After that, the reworked MPPS china clone:

mpps 4