TabScan S8 Pro diagnose 2014 Porsche Panamera

With innovative DoIP technology, Tabscan S8 pro can diagnose perfectly for many Asian, European and American cars. This article mainly introduces the guide to diagnose 2014 Porsche Panamera by this EUCLEIA auto intelligent dual-mode diagnostic system.

EUCLEIA TabScan S8 Pro diagnose 2014 Porsche Panamera: Read extended identifications, delete fault codes, read values, reset maintenance interval


Enter Porsche home page

Select “Diagnostics”

Run PIWIS Tester III diagnostics

Load control unit data, initialise VCI connection

Diagnostic application starting…

Enter “Control unit” main page

Control unit selection:

Select control unit(s) and continue unit search with [F12]

Create a VAL? Yes with [F12], No with [F11]

Note: Warranty processing is not possible without a VAL

Back to main page

Searching for control units…

Search out the DSN and part number of following control unit:

Airbag (variant A2.3), gateway (A5.1), power distributor, battery sensor, DME V6 turbo row from model year 2014 (E), PDK (Porsche double clutch), selector lever, instrument cluster (A2.8), steering-wheel electronics (variant: A2.4), lane change assist (SWA2_A2_1), slave control unit, PCM, air conditioning (variant: 4-zone A2.22) and rear A/C operator control unit

Control unit search has been completed

Select control unit(s) and select the required function via the menu

Here takes “Instrument cluster (A2.8)” for an example

[Extended identifications]

Reading extended identifications…

Read out the extended identifications

Change and save identifications with [F8]

[Fault memory]

Press [F12] can delete all fault codes

Press [F11] can cancel process

[Actual values input signals]

Select the groups you’d like to display, continue with [F12]

Select values and press [F12] to read the selected values

Reading values…

Switch displays by pressing [F8]

Switch to actual values/input signals selection by pressing [F11]

[Drive links/checks]

Select the groups you’d like to display, continue with [F12]

[Maintenance repairs]

Select a function, and press [F12] to continue

Select the completed maintenance measure and write with [F8]

Function running…

It shows 100004: Control unit gave negative response (service= serviceintervall_ruecksetzen_start_routine)

Click “Yes” to terminate application


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