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EU/UK Ship 2 Years Free Update 2024 LAUNCH X431 CRP919X BT CRP919XBT Full System Scanner With DBSCar VII VCI Supprport CAN FD DOIP, FCA AutoAuth ECU Coding 31+ Reset Service

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Product Description

  1. LAUNCH X431 CRP919XBT Upgrade from Other CRP Scanners, includes a DBSCar VII VCI connector, It come with MTK's chip + doubled memory & battery capacity 5X faster & smoother, 5X-boosted running operation, tons of next-level features, wider car coverage
  2. Support Android 10.0 ✅4G+64G ✅2-Year Free Update ✅2.4G & 5GHz Dual WiFi ✅Wireless Diagnoses ✅2.0 GHz 4-Core CPU✅Bi-directional Control ✅CANFD&DOIP ✅FCA AutoAut✅ECU Coding✅31+ Resets
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X BT OBD2 Scanner Automotive Diagnostic Tools 
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X Selling Points

From Hardware :
  • AUNCH X431 CRP919XBT, upgraded from CRP919X, includes a VCI for wireless data transmission (3Mbps max)
  • MTK's chip + doubled memory & battery capacity ensure 5X faster & smoother navigation than OBD2 scanner diagnostic tools in the same category. 
  • 5X-speed Specifications: 4-core 2.0GHz processor, mature Android 10.0, 4GB+64G massive memory, 6300mAh battery, 8MP camera and much better diagnostic response; using this scan tool is a breeze.
  • 8-in-1 Data Stream: Capture real-time data from up to eight vehicle parameters simultaneously. Gain valuable insights into your vehicle's performance, identify hidden issues, and make informed decisions for optimal maintenance and repairs.
  • 8MP Rear Camera: Capture visual evidence and document your diagnostics with an 8-megapixel rear camera. Enhance your communication, collaborate effectively, and ensure accurate record-keeping for better analysis and streamlined repairs.
  • 6300mAh Battery Capacity: Keep your diagnostic sessions going strong with a high-capacity 6300mAh battery. Enjoy extended usage time without interruptions, ensuring uninterrupted focus and productivity.
  • Android 10.0 OS: Discover a user-friendly interface and limitless possibilities with the Android 10.0 operating system. Enjoy seamless navigation, access to a wealth of compatible apps, and a familiar experience that enhances productivity.
  • 4G+64GB: Unleash the power of abundant storage and lightning-quick connectivity. With 64GB of storage and 4G capabilities, you'll effortlessly handle vast amounts of diagnostic data, ensuring smooth operation and efficient performance.
From Software:
  • DoIP & CAN FD Compatible
  • 2 Years Free update, One-click WiFi Updating, After that 193EUR/Per year 
  • And with integrated AutoAuth, you can diagnose 2018+ FCA SGW-equipped cars without separate adapters.
  • Huge Upgrade from Other CRP Scanners: Share almost the same functions as powerful LAUNCH X431 scanners
  • Optimized combination of LAUNCH CRP123X/ CRP129X/ CRP Touch Pro Elite/ CR909X, Same Diagnostic function as X431 PROS MINI
  • Come With DBSCar VII VCI connector instead of a connection cable. You can be at work bench or any location around vehicle while running diagnostics.
  • With this DBSCar VII , this CRP919XBT scanner supports new protocols of tomorrow: CANFD for 2020-now GM&Chrysler Models; DoIP for Volvo, Land Rover/Jaguar, BMW F/G Chassis. 
  • Complete Database: Cover 99% of vehicles from 150+ diverse brands / 10,000+ models (1996-2024) for module resets, relearns, bi-directions capabilities, and all system diagnostics.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Connection: Makes it easier to move around your workshop during the diagnostics without any cable entangled; up to 33ft. (10m) wireless range to operate this car scanner remotely.
  • 11 Universal Languages Menu: Simply set the menu to the language you understand better from English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Chinese.   Path: “Home -- Other Modules -- Settings -- Systems -- Language & Input -- Languages.”
  • Global Version Need to Pay More 50EUR, it works in any country.
  • EU version is cheaper and it works in all European countries, pls choose this version if you are from Europe/UK
  • The EU Version is special for Europe Customers, it is cheaper than Global version. The packing list and functions of them is same.
  • Can Work With Launch X431 DoIP 16Pin Cable Which Compatible With DBScar VII Scanner Such as CRP919X BT/ CRP919E BT/ Pro3 APEX/ ProS V5.0, With this cable, your device DBScar VII could work with Doip protocols cars such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Lingke, and Volvo, it will be faster and more stable
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X BT OBD2 Scanner Main functions
  • Autoauth for FCA SGW: Experience hassle-free diagnostics on FCA (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram) vehicles with the Autoauth feature for FCA SGW. Say goodbye to frustrating security gateway limitations and gain seamless access to essential diagnostic functions. This added convenience saves you time and enhances your diagnostic efficiency.
  • Full Systems Diagnose:  With a market focus, LAUNCH X431 CRP919XBT boasts a complete filed-tested database for your deeper dive into car's health to handle more complex repairs. Back up by leading LAUNCH technology, you can do all system coding/scans/read&clear codes/bidirectional control/resets covering 99% cars, unlike many scanners for cars on market (x-tool) with fake advertisement claiming to “do it all” but in reality, they ONLY work for certain cars with limited services.
  • Newly Released ECU Coding:  One of the standout features of the CRP919X is its online coding capability, allowing you to easily perform coding and programming tasks for your vehicle directly from this device. This saves you time and money, and puts you in control of your vehicle's performance. It even supports copying data into new modules for many popular brands. Whether you're a professional mechanic or DIY enthusiast, it is the perfect tool to customize your vehicle to your exact specifications
  • Bi-directional Control for Active Car Tests:Take full control of your vehicle like never before. Seamlessly actuate and test components in both directions, enabling precise calibration, advanced troubleshooting, and cost-effective repairs. Key Programming: Say goodbye to the inconvenience of lost or damaged keys. Gain the ability to program new keys or reprogram existing ones, ensuring secure access to your vehicle and peace of mind.
  • 31+ services & Easy Vehicle Matching:   For just 500 bucks you’ll get fully-featured ECU coding & resets/relearns from LAUNCH X431 CRP919XBT. Online Coding for VW/Audi/Skoda/Ford/Lincoln/Mazda; Open/close hidden functions; Personalized modifications/changeover; Shortcut to 31+ special functions like “Oil Reset/Brake Reset/Throttle Adaptation” etc., to quickly meet your daily repair needs. 100+ more resets/relearns are under “car brand – system” waiting to explore.
  • CANFD & DoIP: Experience the future of diagnostics with our la-test innovation - the ability to seamlessly connect with CAN FD protocol cars, with the option to acquire the DOIP Connector for expanded capabilities. These groundbreaking protocols revolutionize vehicle communication, achieving up to 2x faster communication between modules. Benefit from dramatically increased data rates and unparalleled diagnostic speeds that surpass all previous standards.It's designed for compatibility with the la-test GM vehicles from 2020 onwards. But the scope doesn't end there. Unlock diagnostic potential across a range of models, including BMW F and G Chassis, along with Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles from 2017 onwards, as well as Volvo vehicles manufactured after 2018.
  • One-click AutoVIN & AutoScan with Diagnosis Report: One of the standout features of the CRP919X obd2 scanner diagnostic tool is the one-click AutoVIN & AutoScan function. This feature allows you to quickly and easily scan all diagnosable ECUs with just one click, and identify any problems hidden in your vehicle's PCM, ECM, EPS, PDM, BCM, TPMS and more. Plus, the scan tool will automatically generate diagnosis reports that you can download, share, and print for further analysis. AutoVIN & AutoScan (2006+) can automatically read VIN data and scanall system modules to greatly speed up your system-scanning process, 3X faster!
  • Bluetooth connection & Alternative USB connection: Experience the freedom of wireless connectivity with the convenience of a reliable USB connection. Stay connected to your vehicle effortlessly, enabling quick and efficient diagnostics that save you time and hassle.
  • More accurate diagnostic data: LAUNCH has a more complete database,diagnosing 5 million cars per month, and outputting 10 million diagnostic reports. LAUNCH’s diagnostic data is more accurate, making it a perfect tool for any modern car repair shop.
  • VAG Guided Function for VAG Vehicles: Exclusive to VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and Seat) vehicles, the Guided Function provides step-by-step repair guidance for technicians and individuals alike. Avoid potential car fault settings caused by incorrect operations and ensure precise and accurate repairs. This invaluable feature enhances your diagnostic accuracy and eliminates guesswork, saving you time and preventing costly mistakes. With this obd2 scanner, there is no need to find the Security Access Code/Channel Number for V.A.G group vehicles. The provided guidancein this OBD2 scanner diagnostic tool can help you skip searching of access codes and directly lead you to the diagnostics, saving lots of time.
  • LAUNCH X431 CRP919XBT Add-on Features: Many innovative features in this LAUNCH scanner will help you win more business:   “Feedback” provides customized repair suggestions from LAUNCH’s certified professionals;  “Repair Info” includes operating skills, DTC help, automotive technology handbook, repair case to ease your workload;  among other useful modules: compatible vehicles, user manual, Q&A, tablet settings etc., to make your job easier. 
  • Expand Features with Tools :LAUNCH CRP919XBT can work with battery tester / electrical system analyzer BST360 to get a thorough battery, cranking, charging test, and have real-time voltage monitoring; also can pair with endoscope VSP600 for visual inspection in hard-to-reach areas with high-quality imaging, flexible cable, and adjustable LED lighting for convenience. All is sold separately.

Functions of LAUNCH CRP919X BT

1. All System Diagnosis
LAUNCH CRP919X automotive scanner enables to run an all-system diagnostics and goes offering a complete scanning of engine, AT, ABS, TPMS, Fuel, BCM diagnostic data, so that you can quickly catch all the fault codes and repair them to optimized performance. And the Auto VIN could automatically identify vehicle information for some models and enhance diagnostic correctness and efficiency.

2. 31 Reset Service
  • 1. A/F Reset
  • 2. Brake Reset
  • 3. Oil Reset
  • 4. SAS Reset
  • 5. Battery Reset
  • 6. ABS Bleeding
  • 7. Electric Throttle Relearn
  • 8. TPMS Reset
  • 9. Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
  • 10. EGR Adaption
  • 11. Air Conditioning System Relearn / Initialization
  • 12. Adblue Reset
  • 13. AFS Reset
  • 14. Coolant Bleed
  • 15. Engine Power Balance Monitoring
  • 16. Gear Learn
  • 17. Gearbox Learn
  • 18. High Voltage Battery Diagnostics
  • 19. IMMO
  • 20. InjectorCoding
  • 21. Language Change
  • 22. NOX Sensor Reset
  • 23. Seats Calibration
  • 24. Stop/Start Reset
  • 25. Sunroof
  • 26. SUS Reset
  • 27. Transport Mode
  • 28. Type Reset
  • 29. Windows Calibration
  • 30. Intelligent Cruise Control System Reset
  • 31. Gas Particulate Filter Regeneration
3. Active Test ( Bi-Directional Test)
With this diagnostic tool’s Active Test, you can output the command into the ECU in order to turn on/off actuators, to find faults in the subsystems of your car effortlessly, without using the vehicle’s control:

[ Turn on the radiator fan | Modulate the throttle | Open/close windows | Operate mirrors | Turn on/off the lights | Turn on/off the sound horn | Test door lock … ]

4. ECU Coding
From manufacturer-specific reprogramming to full diagnostic capability, this LAUNCH diagnostic scanner also has the magic power “ECU Coding” to keep you on the cutting edge:

1) You can match, relearn, and code the newly installed ECU module after making repairs or replacements.

2) You can change the market-specific settings to activate higher-level car functions and disable unneeded features, breaking limitations.

5. Multi-Languages Support
English, French, Spanish, German, Italy, Russia, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Polish.

6. Car Brands Coverage
Abarth, Acura, Alfa Romeo, Astron Martin, Audi, Beijing BAIC, Bentley, BMW, Brilliance, Bugatti, Buick, Cadillac, ChangAn, Changan Ford, ChangHe, CHBuick,CHCADILLAC, CHCHEVROLET, Chery, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Dacia, Daewoo, Daihatsu, DFCitroen, Honda Dongfeng, DFNISSAN, DFPEUGEOT, Dodge, EuroFord, Ferrari, Fiat, Fiat(Brazil), Ford, Foton, GAZ, GM, GM( Brazil), GM(China), Opel(South Africa), Golden Dragon(XiaMen), Gonow, Mitsubishi(GAC), Great Wall, Honda (GAC), HaFei, Haima, HCBMW, Holden(Australia), Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Iveco, IZH, JAC, Jaguar, Jeep, Jianghuai, Jinbei(Mianyang), Joylong, Kia, Lamborghini, Lancia, Landrover, Lexus, Lincoln, Luxgen, Lynco, Mahindra(India), Maruti(Indian), Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes, MG(SAIC), Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, NisssanGTR, NJFiat, Opel, Perodua, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Renault Samsung, Roewe(SAIC), Rolls-Royce, Rover, SAAB, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Sprinter, Ssanyong, Subaru, Suzuki, TATA(Indian), Tisuzu, Toyata, Toyota(China), United Pakistan, Vauxhall, VAZ, Venucia, Volvo, VW, VW-CV, Wuling, YQmazda, ZhongXing, Zotye etc
 Launch CRP919X Car Brands Coverage
Specification for Launch CRP919X BT
Operating System:Android 10.1
Processor:Powerful Quad-Core Processor
Display:7 inch IPS touch screen
Connectivity:Mini USB 2.0, Wi-Fi
Battery:6000mAh lithium-polymer battery
Battery Life:more than 8 hours
Product Size:9.8x5.5x1.5(inch)
Product Net Weight: 700g

Package List
1* CRP 919X BT Handset
1*OBDII Diagnostic cable
1*5V DC Charging cable
1*Power adaptor
1*Quick start Guide
1* User's Manual

 OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3
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