V7.16 TM100 Transponder Key Programmer full version with 62 Modules

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Product Description

With this TM100 programmer, you can cover, read, write and generate the latest transponders used in the latest vehicle immobilizer technologies.
Support Free Update lifetime
The latest version: V7.16
TM100 Transponder Key Programmer full version

Top 4 reasons to choose TM100 programmer:

1) One click update: This update is very easy. After you open the software, you will see "About" option on main menu, if there is new software release, you will see it on About option, just click the "Update" button, then you will finish the update.
2) Full transponfer support. TM100 programmer not only support  Philips transponders, Temic transponders, Megamos transponders, Texas transponders, it can also generate images for many different original transponders like Philips ID33, Philips Crypto for different ID's and Texas crypto!
3) Powerful functions: New adds more functions such as reading the Kilometers, VIN and transponder type for all BMW keys was added to the BMW software module! Immo pin code is also displayed for some car models. With this programmer you can generate images for many different original transponders like Philips ID33, Philips Crypto for different ID's and Texas crypto!
4) More convenient and easily to use: NO NEED any additional diagnostic equipment to program the generated transponder to the car! After generating a new transponder with TM100 Programmer, It will start the car directly! All want you need to do is only have to write the new file back into the immobilizer system!

  This version can not be updated from TM100 software. You may download it from website. If you meet any other problem on your
TM100, you should update the software first, Most problems can be solved by a software update

V7.16 software download link:https://mega.nz/#!rMQngKhb!-RXs1UhUuCVH95S8OCB-cvLNtGa27yF5qi2zJjgGKtY
V7.14 software download link:mega.nz/#!f09F0awS!K6fEGJf7fkGe4zsKGo1WiVwuiqt_3gOmXCWM99487tA
V7.12 software download link:mega.nz/#!uNghABJA!2SOIC2X_unZ_Vnu5rRMM5-VX4J_a-PrY8g8Qt2bmwUM
V7.08 software download link: mega.nz/#!PIpQhb7A!Eqt-qYecvddO1_8oT-ooYikJX6hnuYI-FMiRcV3tU7E

Update to V7.08 Released(15/03/2018) 

  1. Add support for Toyota smart card type D4.
  2. Fix KeyMaker for Audi A4/A5/Q5 by BCM2 dump.
  3. Fix KeyMaker for Audi A6/A7/A8, Touareg by BCM2 dump and working key.
Update to V7.04 Released(18/09/2017)

1. Add transponder detection for SLK(Toyota emulator smart key)
2. Add Keymaker for BMW bikes C600, C650, Husqvarna Nuda, Terra (Dashboard).
3. Add Keymaker for BMW bikes R1200GS, K1300, F800 (Immobox EWS).
4. Fix bugs.
This version includes firmware 2 update. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 
while updating.

Support Free Update lifetime


Free download:

TM100 Transponder Key Programmer free and charging model list
TM 100 V6.00 released(May 16,2017)

1. Add image generator for Toyota G transponder
2. Add keymaker for Toyota smart system(TMS37126, TMS37200)
3. Add dump editor for VAG MED17, EDC17.(Component security bytes, PIN)

       1. This version includes firmware 2 update. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating.

V3.50 released (2016/12/12)

1. Add dump edit tool for VAG BCM2.
2. Add keymaker for Isuzu, NPR, D-Max as MY2007. Parts: Immo box, IC: EEPROM 93C56, Transponder: PCF7936.
3. Fix bugs.


Select Tools, Dump Editor, VAG, BCM2, then load flash and EEPROM file, TM100 will
display VIN, CS, MAC, key IDE etc. Flash file size: 384k/512k/768k bytes, EEPROM file size: 4k/64k bytes.
You can also edit and save EEPROM.

Support models:

Audi A4/A5/A6/A7/A8/Q5, VW Touareg(Before MY2014.6)
NEC 70F3379/70F3880/70F3881/70F3634 (P flash size 384k/512k/768k)
D flash or 25320 (4k/64k)
TM100 can do Honda motorcycle, Suzuki motorcycle, Kawasaki motorcycle, ducati motorcycle, yamaha motorcycle and BMW motorcycle;
V3.48 released (2016/17/11)

1.Edit IDE of PCF7945AC(Hitag VAG).

Notes:This version includes firmware 2 update.

Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating.

2.How to edit IDE of PCF7945AC(Hitag VAG):

Select TPReader,PCF7945,enter IDE at Chip ID page,click button"Modify IDE".

2016-9-20 V3.44 released:

1. Add keymaker for Chevrolet Aveo as MY2012. Parts: Immo, IC: 25160, Transponder: PCF7936
2. Fix bugs

Notes:  This version includes firmware 1 update. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating
2016-9-14 V3.42 released:
1. Add function for odometer rewrite of CAS4,CAS4+
2. Add function for BMW CAS3+ save ISN
3. Add keymaker for BMW CAS3+ by ISN
4. Fix bugs

How to edit odometer for CAS4,CAS4+:
Selete Tools, Dump Editor, BMW, CAS4 odometer setting. Open dump file, current odometer value is displayed, input new odometer value, and set new value. Save new generated file and write it back to CAS4

How to save ISN for BMW:
Select keymaker for BMW CAS3+ adding key. After original key decoded, TM100 will save 16-byte ISN for you. If the same car lost all keys, you can use the saved ISN to do all key lost without reading ISN from DME

Notes:  This version includes firmware 1 and 2 update. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating

TM 100 -------2016-6-24 V3.36     released   
1. Add keymaker for Suzuki Swift, Maruti Swift. Parts: Immobox, IC: 93C86,  Transponder: HITAG2
2. Add new type 24C16 support for Mitsubishi ASX, Outlander
3. Add keyexplorer for Renault Koleos, Megane
4. Bugs fix for ID46 image generator
5. Bugs fix for keymaker Chrysler 300C 9S12, 93C86
6. Bugs fix for keymaker Volvo V40 9S12
7. Bugs fix for keymaker Renault Laguna 95160
8. Bugs fix for keymaker Hyundai Accent 95040
9. Bugs fix for keymaker Renault Espace III HC08
10. Bugs fix for keymaker Hyundai Santa Fe 95P80
11. Bugs fix for write 7-byte CS for VAG
12. Bugs fix for locking Tiris 4E

TM100 Transponder Key Programmer V2.0 Update:
1. MEGAMOS 13 chips added copy function;
2. Fixed: Copy 8C chip error;
3. Fix all ID13 key generation problem;
4. Fixed key generation: Volkswagen module, Gower, security box 93C56 no write startup interface;
5. online activation device. Activation is done automatically when you connect the device;
6. online authorization;
7. Online read Magotan security bytes;
8. Volvo 93C86 online decrypt data;
Note: After upgrading to this version, connection TM100 will be prompted to upgrade the firmware, do not disconnect the device during the upgrade.
ID13 copy methods:
Into the chip to identify, select MEGAMOS 13, the original car keys into the coil, read the data, and then into T5 chip can point to write, generate ID13 chip;
Online authorization method:
1. Make sure the computer networking;
2. "Install New Module" main menu, select "Tools" and select from autocomplete license updates;

tm100 key programmer
TM100 for BMW special functions:
 1.BMW EWS1, EWS2, EWS3, EWS4;
 2.BMW CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4, CAS4+;
 3.BMW motorcycle HITAG key;
TM100 for Toyota/Lexus special functions:
 1.Toyota H reading;
 2.Cover all Toyota and Lexus models(Tiris 4C, Tiris 4D, Tiris DST+, G chip and Smart key) except for latest type H transponde
 3.Toyota/Lexus Smart key car list: Land Cruiser 200, Land Cruiser Prado, RAV4, Venza, Corolla, Lexus:LX 570, GX 460, RX, LS 460, GS, IS.;

General functions:
   General function 1. The list of supported for the present transponders.
    Philips transponders: 
    PCF7930-31 reading 
    PCF7935 reading, shadow memory
    PCF7936 writing, reading, password mode, crypto mode, Manchester or Biphase encodings
    PCF7941 transponder, remote, EEPROM, Manchester or Biphase encodings
    PCF7942 transponder, remote, EEPROM, Manchester or Biphase encodings
    PCF7943 transponder, remote, Manchester or Biphase encodings
    PCF7944 transponder, remote, EEPROM, Manchester or Biphase encodings
    PCF7945 transponder, remote, EEPROM, Manchester or Biphase encodings
    PCF7946 transponder, remote, Manchester or Biphase encodings
    PCF7947 transponder, remote, EEPROM, Manchester or Biphase encodings
    PCF7952 transponder, remote, EEPROM, Manchester or Biphase encodings
    PCF7953 IDE, EEPROM reading
    PCF7961 transponder, remote, Manchester or Biphase encodings
    Temic transponders:
    Temic 11 reading, writing to T5
    Temic 12 reading, writing to T5 
    Temic 8C reading
    Megamos transponders:
    Megamos 13 reading, writing to T5, emulating on PCF7930-35
    Megamos 48 reading, writing, PIN, unlock by PIN, full range of memory contents
    Megamos CRYPTO-2 8E read ID, read/write EEPROM, write Cryptokey
    Texas transponders:
    Tiris 4C reading
    Tiris 4D DST crypto reading, writing
    Tiris 4E DST crypto reading, writing
    Tiris DST+ reading
   General function 2. The list of supported type for image generator.
    ID33 for Mazda
    ID33 for Nissan
    ID33 for Opel
    ID33 for VW
    ID40 for Opel
    ID40 for Nissan
    ID41 for Nissan
    ID44 for VAG
    ID45 for Peugeot
    ID46 for Chery
    ID46 for Chevrolet circle+
    ID46 for Chrysler Y170
    ID46 for Chrysler Y164
    ID46 for Geely Emgrand
    ID46 for Mitsubishi
    ID46 for Peugeot 206, 307
    ID46 for Porsche Cayenne
    ID46 for Renault Clio II
    ID46 for Renault Clio III
    ID46 for Renault Espace4 phase 1
    ID46 for Renault Espace4 phase 2
    ID46 for Renault Laguna2 phase 1
    ID46 for Renault Laguna2 phase 2
    ID46 for Renault Master phase 2
    ID46 for Renault Megane2
    ID46 for Renault Scenic2
    ID46 for Renault Trafic phase 2
    ID46 for Renault Vel Satis phase 1
    ID46 for Renault Vel Satis phase 2
    ID46 for VW Phaeton, Touareg 
    ID48 for China VW Jetta 2011
    ID67 for Toyota
    ID68 for Toyota
    ID70 for Toyota, Peugeot
    ID73 for Mercedes C, E class 1996-1999
    ID73 for Mercedes G class 1996-1999
    ID73 for Mercedes ML
    TP22 for Seat
    TP23 for VW
    TP24 for Skoda
    TP25 for Audi
   Special functions:
   Special function 1. It has following key maker modules at the current version(V1.3):
   Module 1: VW Passat B6/CC Megamos 48
   Description: Read EEPROM 95320 in comfort module, write transponder with Megamos 48(TP23), write the new generated file back to 95320.
   Advanced function: View Login code, VIN, Component Protection Bytes(7-byte).
   Module 2: VW Passat B6/CC HITAG2
   Description: Read EEPROM 95320 in comfort module, write transponder with ID46(PCF7936), write the new generated file back to 95320.
   Advanced function: View Login code, VIN, Component Protection Bytes(7-byte).
   Module 3: Audi/Touareg/Porsche/Bentley KESSY HITAG2(Before MY2008)
   Description: Read EEPROM 93C86 in KESSY module, write transponder with ID46(PCF7936), write the new generated file back to 93C86.
   Advanced function: View Login code, VIN, Component Protection Bytes(7-byte).
   Module 4: BMW CAS1,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+ valet key
   Description: Read Motorola MCU in CAS module, write transponder with ID46(PCF7936), PCF7942,PCF7943,PCF7944,PCF7945, write the new 
generated file back to CAS. New key can start engine, but without remote function.
   Advanced function: View VIN, DME code, odometer, transponder type, remote frequency.
   Highlight: Locked PCF7943, PCF7944 can also be reused. Even works all keys lost.
   Module 5: BMW CAS1,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+ remote key
   Description: Read Motorola MCU in CAS module, write transponder with ID46(PCF7936), PCF7942,PCF7943,PCF7944,PCF7945, write the new 
generated file back to CAS. New key can start engine with remote function.
   Advanced function: View VIN, DME code, odometer, transponder type, remote frequency.
   Highlight: Locked PCF7943, PCF7944 can also be reused. Even works all keys lost.
   Module 6: BMW motorcycle HITAG key
   Description: Read M58BW016, write transponder with ID46(PCF7936), write the new generated file back to M58BW016. 
   Module 7: Audi EZS Megamos 8E key
   Description: Read MC9S12, write transponder with ID8E(Megamos 8E), write the new generated file back to MC9S12. 
   Advanced function: Unlock Megamos 8E by dump.
   Module 8: Ducati key
        Cover the following models: 
        Panigale 1199 
        Monster 400
        Monster 696
        Monster 796
        Monster 1000
        Multistrada 620
        Superbike 748
        Superbike 749
        Superbike 848
        Superbike 999
        Superbike 1098
        Superbike 1198
        Sporttouring ST3
   Module 9: Toyota/Lexus key
        Cover all Toyota and some Lexus models(Tiris 4C, Tiris 4D, Tiris DST+) except for latest type H transponder.
        Toyota Auris immobox 2003- (93C56)
        Toyota Auris immobox 2005- (93C66)
        Toyota Avalon ECU (93C56)
        Toyota Avalon ECU (MC68HC11)
        Toyota Avanza immobox 2008- (93C56)
        Toyota Avensis immobox (MC68HC05)
        Toyota Avensis immobox -2004 (24C04)
        Toyota Avensis immobox 2004- (93C66)
        Toyota Avensis ECU -2003 (93C56)
        Toyota Avensis ECU -2004 (25080)
        Toyota Avensis ECU 2004- (93C56)
        Toyota Aygo immobox 2003-(24C04)
        Toyota Camry immobox -2004 (24C04)
        Toyota Camry immobox -2004 (93C66)
        Toyota Camry immobox 2005- (93C66)
        Toyota Camry ECU -2004 (93C56)
        Toyota Camry ECU -2004 (93C86)
        Toyota Camry ECU -2003 (MC68HC11)
        Toyota Camry ECU 2005- (93C56)
        Toyota Carina E immobox (MC68HC05)
        Toyota Carina E immobox (24C04, ID33)
        Toyota Carina E immobox (24C04, ID4C)
        Toyota Celica immobox (24C04, ID33)
        Toyota Celica ECU 1999- (93C56)
        Toyota Corolla Immobox -2004 (24C04)
        Toyota Corolla Immobox -2004 (93C66)
        Toyota Corolla Immobox 2005- (93C66)
        Toyota Corolla ECU -2004 (93C56)
        Toyota Corolla ECU -2004 (24C02)
        Toyota Corolla ECU -2004 (25020)
        Toyota Corolla ECU -2004 (95080)
        Toyota Corolla ECU 2005- (93C56)
        Toyota Crown Majesta ECU (93C56)
        Toyota Duet immobox (93C66)
        Toyota Echo ECU (25040)
        Toyota Echo ECU (93C66)
        Toyota Estima immobox (24C04, ID33)
        Toyota Hiace 1999- (93C66)
        Toyota Highlander immobox 2005- (93C66)
        Toyota Highlander ECU -2004 (93C56)
        Toyota Highlander ECU 2005- (93C56)
        Toyota Hilux 2001- (93C66)
        Toyota Hilux 2006- (93C66)
        Toyota Kluger immobox 2005- (93C66)
        Toyota Kluger ECU 2005- (93C56)
        Toyota Land Cruiser immobox DIESEL  -2004 (93C66)
        Toyota Land Cruiser immobox 2005- (93C66)
        Toyota Land Cruiser ECU GASOLINE (93C56)
        Toyota Land Cruiser ECU 2005- (93C56)
        Toyota Matrix immobox 2004- (93C66)
        Toyota Matrix ECU 2004- (93C56)
        Toyota MR2 -2004 ECU (93C56)
        Toyota Paseo immobox (24C04, ID33)
        Toyota Passo immobox (93C66)
        Toyota Picnic 1999 (93C66)
        Toyota Prado immobox 2005- (93C66)
        Toyota Prado ECU 2005- (93C56)
        Toyota Previa immobox (24C04, ID33)
        Toyota Previa immobox (24C04, ID4C)
        Toyota Prius immobox -2004 (93C66)
        Toyota Prius immobox 2005- (93C66)
        Toyota RAV4 1996 (25080)
        Toyota RAV4 1997 (93C66)
        Toyota RAV4 2004- (93C66)
        Toyota Rush immobox -2005 (93C66)
        Toyota Rush immobox 2006- (93C66) 
        Toyota Sequoia immobox -2004 (93C66)
        Toyota Sequoia immobox 2005- (93C66)
        Toyota Sienna immobox 2005- (93C66)
        Toyota Sienna ECU 2005- (93C56)
        Toyota Solara ECU (93C56)
        Toyota SportsVan ECU (25080)
        Toyota Starlet immobox (24C04, ID33)
        Toyota Surf immobox 2005- (93C66)
        Toyota Surf ECU 2005- (93C56)
        Toyota Wish immobox 2003- (93C66)
        Toyota Wish ECU 2005- (93C56)
        Toyota Yaris 1998 (24C04)
        Toyota Yaris 2001 (25020)
        Toyota Yaris 2002 (95P08)
        Toyota Yaris 2002 (95080)
        Toyota Yaris 2003 (25040)
        Toyota Yaris 2003- (93C56)
        Toyota Yaris 2003- (93C66)
        Toyota Yaris 2003 (93C86)
        Lexus ES300
        Lexus GS300 1998
        Lexus IS200
        Lexus RX300 1999 (93C56)
        Lexus RX330 immobox 2004- (93C66)
        Lexus RX330 ECU 2004- (93C56)
        Lexus SC430 immobox 2004- (93C66) 
        Lexus SC430 ECU 2004- (93C56)
   Module 10: Piaggio/Aprilia/Gilera
        Cover the following models: 
        Piaggio Immobox
Piaggio ECU
Piaggio Vespa
Aprilia Dorsoduro
Aprilia Mana
Aprilia Shiver
Aprilia SR50
Gilera Fuoco 500
Gilera GP800
Gilera Nexus 125
Gilera Nexus 350
Gilera Nexus 500
Gilera Runner 125
   Module 11: Iveco
        Cover the following models: 
Daily 1996...1999
Daily 1999...
Daily 2007...(95160)
Daily 2007...(95320)
Stralis 2002...(93C56)
   Module 12: DAF
        Cover DAF 2002 to 2008. 
   Module 13: BMW EWS1, EWS2, EWS3, EWS4 (Free module)
        Cover BMW EWS1, EWS2, EWS3 and EWS4. 
   Module 14: Roewe 750 (Free module)
        Cover Roewe after 2007(9S12). 
   Module 15: Rover
        Cover the following models: 
        Rover 75
Rover 600
Rover 618
Rover 620
Rover 800
Land Rover 2003 (MC68HC11)
Land Rover 2006 (9S12)
Land Rover Freelander 2001 (MC68HC11)
Land Rover Freelander 2008 (95320)
Range Rover Vogue (9S12)
Range Rover Sport (9S12)
Range Rover Supercharged (9S12)
   Module 16: Chevrolet
        Cover the following models: 
Aveo 2006 (93C56)
Aveo 2009 (93C76)
Camaro 1997 (68HC08)
Caprice 2006 (95040)
Captiva (95040)
Cavalier 1997 (68HC08)
Cobalt 2004 (95040)
Corvette 1997 (68HC08)
Cruze 2008- (24C16)
Epica 2003 (68HC705)
Evanda 2003 (68HC705)
HHR 2007 (95040)
Impala 1997 (68HC08)
Lacetti 2005- (ST7)
Malibu 1997 (68HC08)
Montecarlo 2000 (68HC08)
Silverado 2002 (68HC908)
Spark 2008 (93C56)
Suburban 2002 (68HC908)
Tacuma (93C56)
Tahoe 2002 (68HC08)
TrailBlazer 2003 (68HC908)
Venture 1999 (68HC08)
   Module 17: Volvo
        Cover the following models: 
40 (93C46)
40 (93C56)
40 (93C66)
70 (93C56)
70 (93C66)
850 (93C46)
940 (93C46)
S60 -2003 (28F400)
S60 2004- (93C86)
S80 -2003 (28F400)
S80 2004- (93C86)
V40 2004- (9S12)
V50 2004- (9S12)
V70 -2003 (28F400)
XC70 -2003 (28F400)
XC90 -2003 (28F400)
XC90 2004- (93C86)
Trucks FH12 (93C66)
Trucks FL250 (93C66)
   Module 18: BMW CAS4
        Cover the following models: 
Series 1 F20 (2011-)
Series 5 F10/F11 (2010-)
Series 5 GT F07 (2010-)
Series 6 F12/F13 (2011-)
Series 7 F0x (2008-)
Series X1 (2010-)
Series X3 F25 (2011-)
XEP100 MCU (with 5M48H mask)
   Module 19: Chrysler
        Cover the following models: 
300C 2005 (9S12)
300C 2008 (93C86)
300M 2002- (24C02)
Aspen 2005- (9S12)
Intrepid 2001 (68HC08)
Neon 1999 (24C02)
Pacifica 2004 (95040)
Pacifica 2005 (95080)
PT Cruiser 2001- (MC68HC08)
Sebring 2001- (MC68HC08)
Sebring 2007- (24C16)
Town Country 2004 (95080)
Voyager 2001 (24C02)
Voyager 2004 (95040)
Voyager 2004 (95080)
Voyager 2008 (93C86)
   Module 20: Jeep
        Cover the following models: 
Commander 2006 (9S12)
Commander 2007- (93C86)
Compass 2007- (24C16)
Grand Cherokee 2001- (24C02)
Grand Cherokee 1999 (MC68HC08)
Grand Cherokee 2005 (9S12)
Grand Cherokee 2008- (93C86)
Liberty 2004 (95080)
Patriot 2007- (24C16)
Wrangler 2001- (24C02)
Wrangler 2007- (24C16)
   Module 21: Dodge
        Cover the following models: 
Avenger 2007- (24C16)
Caliber 2007 (24C16)
Caravan 2004 (95040)
Charger 2007 (93C86)
Dakota 2005- (9S12)
Durango 2005- (9S12)
Journey 2009 (93C86)
Neon 1999 (MC68HC08)
Neon 2001 (24C02)
Nitro 2007 (24C16)
Ram 2002 (24C02)
Ram 2004- (MC68HC08)
Ram 2007- (24C16)
Ram Van 2002- (MC68HC08)
Stratus 2002 (MC68HC08)
   Module 22: Honda
        Cover the following models: 
Accord 1999 (68HC05)
Accord 2002 (24C04)
Accord 2005 (93C46)
Accord 2006- (93C46)
Accord 2010 (93C66)
City 2002- (93C46)
Civic 1995 (93C46)
Civic 1997 (MC68HC05)
Civic 2001 (MC68HC05)
Civic 2002 (93C46)
Civic 2006 (24C04)
CR-V 1997 (93C46)
CR-V 1998 (MC68HC05)
CR-V 1999 (93C46)
CR-V 2004- (24C04)
CR-V 2006- (93C66)
Element 2004- (24C04)
Fit 2002 (24C04)
Fit 2007 (93C66)
Jazz 2003 (93C46)
Legend 1996 (93C46)
Legend 2006 (93C46)
Pilot 2002- (24C04)
Ridgeline 2005- (24C04)
Shuttle 1995 (93c46)
Stream -2006 (93C46)
All models
   Module 23: FIAT
        Cover the following models:
Albea 2002 Magneti Marelli (HC912)
Barchetta (93C46)
Brava (93C46)
Brava (68HC05)
Brava (68HC908)
Bravo (93C46)
Bravo (68HC05)
Bravo (68HC705)
Bravo (68HC908)
Bravo 2009 (95160)
Cinquecento (93C46)
Coupe 1996- (93C46)
Croma 1996- (93C46)
Doblo 1998 Texton (95040)
Doblo 2000 Delphi (93C66)
Doblo 2000 Magneti Marelli (HC912)
Ducato 1996 (93C46)
Ducato 2001 (93C56)
Ducato 2006 (95160)
Ducato 2010 (95160)
Grande Punto (93C86)
Idea (MC68HC08)
Idea 2003- (HC912)
Linea 2007 (95160)
Marea (93C46)
Marea (68HC05)
Marea (68HC908)
Marengo 1996- (93C46)
Multipla 1996 (93C46)
Multipla 1997 (68HC05)
Multipla 1997 (68HC908)
Multipla 1998 (68HC908)
Palio 1996 (68HC705)
Palio 2002 (HC912)
Panda 1995 (93C46)
Panda 2002 (9S12)
Punto 1995 (93C46)
Punto 1999 Delphi (93C66)
Punto 1999 Magneti Marelli (HC912)
Punto 2007 (95160)
Scudo 1996 (MC68HC05)
Scudo 1999 (95040)
Sedici 2006- (93C56)
Seicento 1998- (93C46)
Seicento 2000 Delphi (93C56)
Seicento 2000 Magneti Marelli ID11 (68HC908)
Seicento 2000 Magneti Marelli ID48 (68HC908)
Siena (MC68HC08)
Stilo 2000 Delphi (93C66)
Stilo 2000 Magneti Marelli (HC912)
Stilo 2007 (95160)
Tempra (93C46)
500 (93C86)
   Module 24: Ford
        Cover the following models:
Bantam 2004 (24C02)
C-Max 2003 (9S12)
Cougar 1999 (25040)
Courier 1998 (TMS)
Escape 2001 (77014)
Escape 2005 (93S66)
Escort 1995 (TMS)
Expedition 1997 (TMS)
Expedition 2001 (MC68HC11)
Explorer 1998 (TMS)
Explorer 1998 (MC68HC05)
Explorer 2004- (77014)
Explorer 2007 (93C86)
F-series 100 (93C56)
Fiesta (25040)
Fiesta (77014)
Fiesta (95P04)
Fiesta (93C56)
Fiesta (93C86, ID4C)
Fiesta (93C86, ID63)
Fiesta 2007 (95160)
Fiesta 2009 (9S12)
Focus 1998 (77012)
Focus 1998 (77014)
Focus 1998 (95P04)
Focus 2002 (95080,160,320)
Focus 2004 (9S12)
Focus 2007 (93C56)
Focus 2008 (25320)
Fusion 2002 (93C86)
Fusion 2007 (93C56)
Fusion 2007 (95160)
Galaxy 1995-2003 Diesel Immobox 7M0 953 257 E (24C02)
Galaxy 1995-2003 Diesel Immobox 7M0 953 257 K (TMS)
Galaxy 1995-2003 Diesel Immobox 7M5 953 257   ( 24C04)
Galaxy 1995-2003 Gasoline (77014)
Galaxy 2007 (25320)
Ka 1996 (TMS)
Ka 1999 (25040)
Ka 2007 (93C86)
Maverick (77014)
Mondeo 1995 (TMS)
Mondeo 2000 (77014)
Mondeo 2001 (77014)
Mondeo 2001 (95P04)
Mondeo 2008 (25320)
Mustang 1997 (TMS)
Probe (TMS)
Probe (MC68HC05)
Puma 1996 (TMS)
Puma 1998 (77012)
Ranger (93C56)
Scorpio 1995 (TMS)
S-Max 2008- (25320)
Taurus 1996 (TMS)
Taurus 2000 (77014)
Transit 1995 (TMS)
Transit 2000 (77014)
Transit 2000 (95P04)
Transit 2003 (77014)
Transit 2004 (95080,160,320)
Transit 2005 (9S12)
Transit Connect (95040)
Tourneo Connect 2007 (9S12)
Windstar 1996 (TMS)
   Module 25: Peugeot
        Cover the following models:
106 1997 (93C46)
107 2005- (24C04)
206 1998 (HC05)
306 1997 (93C66)
306 1998 (HC705)
306 1999 (95040)
406 1997
406 1999
4007 2008 (24C16)
Bipper (93C86)
Boxer 1996 (93C46)
Boxer 2002 (93C56)
Boxer 2006 (95160)
Boxer 2010 (95160)
Expert 1996 (68HC705)
Expert 1999 (95040)
Partner 1997 (93C46)
Partner 2000 (NEC)
Spedfight 2
   Module 26: Citroen
        Cover the following models:
Berlingo 1998 (93C46)
Berlingo 2000 (NEC)
C1 2004- (24C04)
Elysee 2002- (93C46)
Jumper 1996 (93C46)
Jumper 1999 (93C56)
Jumper 2006 (95160)
Jumper 2010 (95160)
Jumpy (MC68HC705)
Nemo (93C86)
Relay 2006 (95160)
Xsara 1998 (93C66)
Xsara 2000 (NEC)
Xantia 1998 (93C66, ID33)
Xantia 1999 (93C66, ID48)
Xantia 2001 (95040)
   Module 27: Renault cars
        Cover the following models:
Avantime 2001- (MC68HC08)
Avantime 2001- (HC912)
Clio-I  (1995) (93C46)
Clio-I  (1996) (MC68HC05)
Clio-II (1998-) (93C46)
Clio-II (2001-) (93C66)
Clio-II (2003-) (93C66)
Clio-III (2005) (95160)
Clio Sport 2009 (9S12)
Duster 2010- (93C66)
Duster 2010- (95040)
Espace-III (HC908)
Espace-IV eeprom 95160
Kangoo 1997 (93C46, C56)
Kangoo 2002 (93C66)
Kangoo 2007 (95080)
Kangoo 2008 (95160)
Koleos 2008- (9S12)
Laguna-I (93C46)
Laguna-II (95160)
Laguna-II (68HC912)
Laguna-III (9S12)
Logan 2003- (93C66)
Logan 2010- (93C66)
Logan 2010- (95040)
Mascott 1998- (93C46)
Mascott 2002- (93C66)
Mascott 2007- (95080)
Master 1999 (93C46)
Master 2002 (93C66)
Megane 1996 (MC68HC05)
Megane 2000 (68HC705)
Megane 2003 (9S12)
Modus 2004 (95160)
Sandero 2008 (93C66)
Sandero 2008- (95040)
Sandero 2010- (93C66)
Scala 2010- (93C66)
Symbol 1999 (93C46)
Symbol 2003- (93C66)
Symbol 2010- (95040)
Thalia 1999- (93C46)
Trafic 1998 (93C46)
Trafic 2002 (93C66)
Trafic 2007 (95080)
Twingo 1995 (68HC05)
Twingo 1998 (93C46)
Twingo 2002 Sagem (93C66)
Twingo 2002 Siemens (93C66)
Twingo 2007- (9S12)
Vel Satis eeprom 95160
Vel Satis (68HC912)
   Module 28: Renault trucks
        Cover the following models:
Magnum 2000 (93C46)
Magnum 2004 (95040)
Midlum 2002 (93C46)
Midlum 2006 (25040)
Premium 2001 (93C46)
Premium 2007 (95040)
   Module 29: Cadilac
        Cover the following models:
Catera 1997 (68HC05)
CTS 1998 (68HC08)
CTS 2003 (68HC908)
CTS 2005- (95040)
Deville STS 2000 (68HC08)
DTC 2006 (95040)
Eldorado 2000 (68HC08)
Escalade 2002 (68HC908)
Escalade 2006 (95040)
Seville 1998 (68HC08)
SRX 2003 (68HC908)
SRX 2004 (95040)
   Module 30: Lancia
        Cover the following models:
Dedra (93C46)
Dedra (MC68HC05)
Dedra (MC68HC908)
K (93C46)
Lybra (MC68HC08)
Ypsilon 1997 (MC68HC05)
Ypsilon 2000 (MC68HC08)
Ypsilon 2007 (95160)
   Module 31: Dacia
        Cover the following models:
Duster 2010- (95040)
Logan 2004- (93C66)
Logan 2010- (95040)
Sandero 2008- (93C66)
Sandero 2008- (95040)
Solenza 2003- (93C46)
Super Nova 1999- (93C46)
   Module 32: Alfa Romeo
        Cover the following models:
159 2000 (68HC912)
159 2005 (HC12)
166 1998
   Module 33: Nissan
        Cover the following models:
350Z 2004 (93C56, 93C66)
Almera Classic Samsung (93C66)
Almera Classic Johnson Controls (93C66)
Almera 2003- (93C66)
Altima 2004 (93C56, 93C66)
Altima 2008 (9S12)
Aprio 2008- (93C66)
Armada 2004 (93C56, 93C66)
Cabstar 2009- (9S12)
Frontier 2004 (93C56, 93C66)
Juke 2010 (93C66)
Juke 2011 (93C76)
Kubistar 2005- (93C66)
Livina 2006- (95080)
March 2010 (93C76)
March 2011 (93C66)
Maxima 2004 (93C56, 93C66)
Micra 2002 (95080)
Micra 2005- (93C56, 93C66)
Murano 2003 (93C56, 93C66)
Murano 2008 (9S12)
Navara 2005- (93C66)
Navara 2009- (9S12)
Note 2004- (95080)
Note 2005 (93C56, 93C66)
Pathfinder 2004 (93C56, 93C66)
Pathfinder 2005- (93C66)
Pathfinder 2007- (9S12)
Primera 2003- (93C66)
Qashqai 2010- (9S12)
Quest 2005 (93C56, 93C66)
Sentra 2005 (93C56, 93C66)
Skyline 2005 (93C56, 93C66)
Skyline 2008- (9S12)
Sunny 2006 (Korea) (93C66)
Sunny 2011 (93C76)
Teana 2004 (93C56, 93C66)
Teana 2008 (9S12)
Tiida 2005- (95080)
Tiida 2005 (93C56, 93C66)
Titan 2004 (93C56, 93C66)
Versa 2006 (93C56, 93C66)
Xterra 2005 (93C56, 93C66)
X-Trail 2010- (9S12)
X-Trail 2004 (93C56, 93C66)
   Module 34: Opel
        Cover the following models:
Agila 2008 (93C66)
Astra 2002 (68HC08)
Astra 2004 (95160)
Astra J 2008- (25160)
Combo 2002 (68HC08)
Corsa 2000 (68HC08)
Frontera 1995 (93C46)
Frontera 1999 (93C46)
Meriva 2002 (68HC08)
Monterey 1996 (93C66, 4C)
Monterey 1998 (93C66, 4E)
Movano 1998 (93C46)
Movano 2003 (93C66)
Signum 2003- (93C76)
Vectra 2002- (93C76)
Vectra 2002 (68HC08)
Vectra 2004 (68HC908)
Vivaro 2002 (93C66)
Zafira 2006 (9S12)
   Module 35: Mercedes cars
        Cover the following models:
All Masksets (0D53J, 0D66J, 0D69J, 1D69J)
Sprinter (PCF7935)
Vito (PCF7935)
   Module 36: Mercedes trucks
        Cover the following models:
Actros -2011 (93c56, C66, C86)
Actros 2011- (95640)
Atego -2011 (93C56,C66, C86)
Axor -2011 (93C56, C66, C86)
Econic 658 (93C56, C66, C86)
   Module 37: Daihatsu
        Cover the following models:
Charade Immobox 1998 (93C66)
Cuore Immobox -2003 (93C66, 4C)
Cuore Immobox 2004- (93C66, 4D)
Domino Immobox 1999 (93C66)
Handivan Immobox 1999 (93C66)
Materia 2004- (93C66, 4D)
Move Immobox eeprom 93C66
Sirion -2003 (93C66, 4C)
Sirion 2004- (93C66, 4D)
Storia Immobox eeprom 93C66
Terios -2003 (93C66, 4C)
Terios 2004- (93C66, 4D)
Terios 2006 (93C66, 4C)
YRV 2002 (93C66)
   Module 38: ISUZU
        Cover the following models:
Ascender (HC908)
Bighorn 1998- (93C66)
Rodeo 1998 (93C46)
Trooper 1996- (93C66, 4C)
Trooper 1999- (93C66, 4E)
Forward FRR 2007- (93C66)
Forward 2009- (93C66)
   Module 39: Ferrari
        Cover the following models:
612 Scaglietti (HC912)
California (HC912)
   Module 40: Hyundai
        Cover the following models:
Accent 1996 (93C56)
Accent 2004 (95040, 95160)
Accent 2004- (93C56)
Atos 1996 (93C56)
Atos Prime 2003- (95040, 95160)
Coupe 1996- (93C56)
Coupe 2002- (68HC908)
Coupe 2005- (93C66)
Coupe 2008- (29F400)
Elantra 2004 (95040, 95160)
Elantra 2005- (93C66)
Elantra 2008- (29F400)
Elantra 2010 (95320)
Era 2008 (95040, 95160)
Galloper (93C66)
Getz 2007 (95040, 95160)
H1 1998 (93C56)
H1 2001- (93C56)
H1 2001 (95P08)
H200 1996- (93C56)
H200 2001- (93C56)
i10 2010- (95160)
i30 2008- (95320)
i30 2009- (95160)
i30 2012- (TC1762)
Lantra -2000 (93C56, C66)
Matrix 2008- (29F400)
Santa Fe 2002- (95P08)
Santa Fe 2005- (93C66)
Santa Fe 2006- (93C56)
Santa Fe 2008- (29F400)
Santa Fe 2009 (95320)
Solaris 2012- (TC1762)
Sonata 2003- (93C56)
Sonata 2005- (93C66)
Sonata 2008 (95040, 95160)
Sonata 2008- (29F400)
Starex 2000- (93C66)
Starex 2002- (93C56)
Terracan 2001- (93C56)
Terracan 2003- (95080)
Tiburon 2005- (93C66)
Tiburon 2008- (29F400)
Tucson 2005- (93C66)
Tucson 2008- (29F400)
Trajet 2000- (93C56)
Tuscani 2005- (93C66)
Tuscani 2008- (29F400)
Verna 2007- (95040, 95160)
   Module 41: Kia
        Cover the following models:
Bongo 3 2003- (95080)
Carens 2001 (95P08)
Carnival 2000 (93C46)
Carnival 2002- (93C56)
Cee'd 2005- (95160)
Cee'd 2008- (29F400)
Cee'd 2008- (95320)
Cee'd 2012- (TC1762)
Cerato 2003- (95040, 95160)
Clarus (93C46)
Magentis 2001- (93C56)
Rio 2001 (93C46)
Sephia 1999- (93C46)
Shuma 2000 (93C46)
Sorento 2003- (93C56)
Sorento 2007 (95320)
Spectra 2005- (95040,160)
Sportage 1999 (93C46)
Sportage 2001 (93C46)
Sportage 2008- (29F400)
Sedona 1999- (93C46)
   Module 42: Mazda
        Cover the following models:
Mazda 2 2003 (93C56)
Mazda 2 2009- (93C66)
Mazda 2 2009- (9S12)
Mazda 3 (93C56)
Mazda 3 (93C66)
Mazda 323 1995 (MC68HC05)
Mazda 5 (93C56)
Mazda 6 (93C56,66, 24C02)
Mazda 6 2005- (93C86)
Mazda 626 Immobox 1995- Temic (MC68HC705)
Mazda 626 Immobox 1998- Lucas 19AS (MC68HC05)
Mazda 626 Immobox 2000- Lucas 34AS (MC68HC05)
Mazda 626 ECU 2000- (24C01)
Mazda 626 ECU 2000- (93C56)
Mazda 626 ECU 2000- (77014)
B2600 Immobox 2000- Lucas 34AS (MC68HC05)
B2600 ECU 2000- (24C01)
B2600 ECU 2000- (93C56)
B2600 ECU 2000- (77014)
B3000 ECU 2001 (95040)
CX-7 (93C66, 24C04)
CX-9 (93C66, 24C04)
Demio Immobox 2000- Lukas 34AS (MC68HC05)
Demio ECU 2000- (24C01)
Demio ECU 2000- (93C56)
Demio ECU 2000- (77014)
Demio 2009- (9S12)
MPV Immobox 2000- Lukas 34AS (MC68HC05)
MPV ECU 2000- (24C01)
MPV ECU 2000- (93C56)
MPV ECU 2000- (77014)
Tribute ECU 2004 (93C56)
Tribute ECU 2006 (95040)
Xedos 6 1995 (MC68HC05)
Xedos 9 1997 (MC68HC05)
   Module 43: Buick
        Cover the following models:
Century 2000 (68HC08)
LeSabre 1997 (68HC08)
Park Avenue 1997 (68HC08)
Park Avenue 2002 (68HC08)
Regal 1997 (68HC08)
Rendezvous 1997 (68HC08)
Rendezvous 2001 (68HC08)
Roadmaster 1997 (68HC08)
   Module 44: Subaru
        Cover the following models:
Impreza 1996 (68HC05)
Impreza 2004- (24C01)
Legacy 1996 (68HC05)
Legacy 2005 (24C01)
Outback 1996 (68HC05)
Tribeca 2005 (24C01)
Forester 2004 (24C01)
   Module 45: GMC
        Cover the following models:
Denali 2005 (68HC908)
Envoy 2003 (68HC908)
Sierra 2002 (68HC908)
Yukon 2002 (68HC908)
   Module 46: Lincoln
        Cover the following models:
Continental 1998- (MC68HC11)
LS 2000 (MC68HC11)
Navigator 1997 (TMS)
Navigator 2000 (MC68HC11)
Town Car 1999 (MC68HC11)
   Module 47: Suzuki
        Cover the following models:
Alto 1996 (24C01)
Alto 2002 (24C01)
Alto 2006 (93C56)
Alto 2009- (93C86)
Baleno 1996 (93C66)
Grand Vitara 1996- (24C01)
Grand Vitara 2002- (93C66)
Grand Vitara 2003- (24C01)
Grand Vitara 2006- (93C56)
Ignis 2000 (24C01)
Jimny 1998 (24C01)
Jimny 2003 (24C01)
Liana 2002- (93C66)
LX7 2006 (95040)
Splash 2009 (93C66)
Swift 1996 (93C66)
Swift 2006 (93C56)
SX4 2006- (93C56)
SX4 2012- (TC1762)
Wagon R 1998 (24C01)
Wagon R 2000 (TMS)
32920-01Hx0 (93C66)
32920-02H00 (93C66)
32920-05H00 (93C66)
32920-05H01 (93C66)
32920-05H02 (93C66)
32920-10GA0 (93C66)
32920-10GF0 (93C66)
32920-10GG0 (93C66)
32920-14GA0 (93C66)
32920-15GA0 (93C66)
32920-15H00 (93C66)
32920-15H30 (93C66)
32920-21H50 (93C66)
32920-23H00 (93C66)
32920-37Hx0 (93C66)
32920-38Hx0 (93C66)
32920-41Gx0 (93C66)
32920-44Gx0 (93C66)
32920-47H00 (93C66)
37146-42Fx0 (24C02)
   Module 48: TATA
        Cover the following models:
Indica 2008- (24C04)
Indigo 2008- (24C04)
   Module 49: Samand/SAIPA
   Module 50: Smart Forfour 2004- (9S12)
   Module 51: Maserati
        Cover the following models:
GT (68HC05)
GT (68HC908)
Quattroporte 2004 (HC912)
   Module 52: Scania
   Module 53: MAN TGA (25128, 256)
   Module 54: LDV Convoy 2000 (95P04)
   Module 55: Jaguar
        Cover the following models:
S-Type (MC68HC11)
S-Type (MC68HC912)
X-TYPE (MC68HC912)
Sovereign (93C46)
XJ (93C46)
XJS (93C46)
XK (93C46)
XK8 (93C46)
   Module 56: Porsche
        Cover the following models:
911 1996 (93C56)
Boxter 1996 (93C56)
   Module 57: Aston Martin
        Cover the following models:
DB9 2004 (77014)
   Module 58: SsangYong
        Cover the following models:
Actyon Diesel (MSP430)
Actyon Gasoline (29Fxxx)
Korando Gasoline (29Fxxx)
Kyron Diesel (MSP430)
Musso Gasoline (29Fxxx)
Musso 2001-(MC68HC05)
Rexton Gasoline (29Fxxx)
   Module 59: Daewoo
        Cover the following models:
Espero (MC68HC05)
Kalos 2002 (93C56)
Lacetti 2002 (93C56)
Lacetti 2006 (ST7)
Lanos 1997 (MC68HC05)
Lanos 2000 (95020)
Lanos 2002 (93C56)
Leganza 1997 (MC68HC05)
Leganza 2000 (93C56)
Matiz 1998 (MC68HC05)
Matiz 2001 (93C56)
Nexia 32854
Nubira 1998- (MC68HC05)
Nubira 2000- (93C56)
   Module 60: Mitsubishi
Cover the following models:
3000 GT 1996- (24C01)
ASX 2010 (24C16)
ASX 2011 (24C16)
Carisma 1996 (93C46)
Carisma 2000 (93C56)
Chariot 1996- (24C01)
Colt 1996- (24C01)
Colt 1996- (24C02)
Colt 2004 (9S12)
Delica 2007- (24C16)
Eclipse 1996- (24C01)
Eclipse 2006- (93C76)
Eagle Vista Wagon 1996- (24C01)
Expo 1996- (24C01)
Express 1996- (24C01)
Galant 1996 (24C01)
Galant 2004- (24C01)
Galant 2008- (93C76)
Grandis 1996 (24C01)
Grandis 2003 (24C01)
Grandis 2006 (24C02)
Lancer 1996 (24C01)
Lancer 2004 (24C01)
Lancer 2008 (24C16)
Lancer 2009 (24C16)
Lancer X 2009 (24C16)
L200 2006 (24C02)
Magna 1996 (93C46)
Magna 1999 (68HC11)
Mirage 1996- (24C01)
Montero 1996- (24C01)
Montero 2007- (24C02)
Nativa 2008 (24C02)
Nimbus 1996- (24C01)
Outlander 2004 (24C01)
Outlander 2006 (24C16)
Outlander 2008 (24C16)
Pajero 1996 (24C01)
Pajero Sport 2007 (24C02)
Pajero IV (24C01)
Raider 2005- (9S12)
Shogun 1996- (24C01)
Space Gear 1996- (24C01)
Space Runner 1996-  (24C01)
Space Star 1999 (93C56)
Space Wagon 1996- (24C01)
   Module 61: Acura
        Cover the following models:
CL 1998- (93C46)
CSX 2008- (24C04)
Integra 1998- (93C46)
MDX 2001 (93C46)
MDX 2008 (24C04)
NSX 2001- (93C46)
RDX 2008- (24C04)
RL 1998- (93C46)
TL 1998- (93C46)
TL 2008- (24C04)
TSX 2008- (24C04)
   Module 62: Kawasaki
        Cover the following models:
21175-0046 (93C66)
21175-0053 (93C66)
21175-0097 (93C66)
21175-0098 (93C66)
21175-0109 (93C66)
21175-0170 (93C66)
21175-0173 (93C66)
21175-0220 (93C66)
21175-0227 (93C66)
21175-0341 (93C66)
21175-0356 (93C66)
21175-0363 (93C66)
21175-0017 (24C02)
21175-0079 (24C04)
21175-0158 (24C04)
Special function 2. PIN calculator functions
   Calculator 1: Honda/Acura password calculator
   Description: 1st password, 2nd password, HIM unlock password, PCM code for any year.
   Calculator 2: Ford/Mazda incode calculator
   Description: Calculate incode by outcode. (Before 2012MY)
   Calculator 3: Nissan/Infiniti PIN calculator
   Description: Calculate PIN by BCM part number.
Packing Including:
1set  x  2014 New Release TM100 Transponder Key Programmer(Necessary for Locksmith)

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Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT

OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle Diagnostic Scan Tool
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How to solve "Device not open"