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Product Description

Xhorse XDKP00GLKey Reader can identify key bitting within seconds because of its built-in optical key bitting unit, therefore, it is extremely convenient and easy to use. Users can obtain the precise key bitting results and cut keys directly via Xhorse APP and key cutting machines of Xhorse and other brands.
Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader Multiple Key Types Work with Xhorse APP Via WiFi or Bluetooth
Features of Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader:
  • Support WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Reading Key Bitting More Accurately than Taking Photos
  • Identify Aluminum Keys, Plastic Keys and Metal Keys
  • Optical Imaging Technique in Key Bitting Reading
  • Built-in optical key bitting unit, can identify key bitting within seconds, Save time and efforts
  • Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader can accurately identify and read the bitting without breaking probes
  • Optical imaging uses light and special properties of photons to obtain detailed images of substances.Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader is able to identify almost all car and motorcycle keys.
  • Can cut keys directly via Xhorse APP and key cutting machines of Xhorse and other brands. (Condor XC Mini, Condor Mini Plus, Dolphin XP005, Dolphin XP005L, Condor Plus II)
  • It features a small screen which displays the working status and related info about the device. On the top, there is a key hole in which you can insert your key.

Key Cutting Machines Compatibility

  • Condor XC-Mini (on Xhorse APP)
  • Condor Mini Plus (on Xhorse APP)
  • Dolphin XP005 (on Xhorse APP)
  • Dolphin XP005L (on Xhorse APP)
  • Condor Plus II (Can use directly with Key Reader)
 Key Cutting Machines Compatibility
Xhorse Key Reader XDKP00GL functions

Xhorse Key Reader Details:
Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader can track both external and internal key bitting.
Xhorse Key Reader XDKP00GL 2
Xhorse Key Reader XDKP00GL

The Paremeters of Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader:
Input: 12V/2A
Screen size: 0.91" OLED
CPU: 8-core Cortex-A53
Camera: 13 million pixels
Bluetooth: 41+WF8021a/b/g/nac
The Paremeters of Xhorse XDKR00GL Key Reader

How to use  Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader :
To use Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader, you'll need to download Xhorse APP by which you can control it to finish all the steps of key bitting reading. Also, you can use Xhorse key cutting machines with screens to finish the work the key cutting.
Step 1: Connect Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader to Xhorse APP via WiFi or Bluetooth.
Step 2: Insert the key into Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader.
Step 3: Click 'Identification' to acquire the key bitting.
Step 4: Cut the key directly via the connected key cutting machine.
Note: For CNC machines without Bluetooth function or machines made by other manufacturers, you can also use this device to read the data and manually input it into the CNC cutting machines. 

Xhorse Key Blade Parameters:
Input: 12V/2A
Screen size: 0.91" OLED
CPU: 8-core Cortex-A53
Camera: 13 million pixels
Bluetooth: 41+WF8021a/b/g/nac

Package List
1pc x Key Reader Main Unit
1pc x Power Adapter
1pc x User Manual
Xhorse Key Reader XDKP00GL package
Xhorse Key Reader XDKP00GL display

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Xhorse Key Reader Usage Review: blade skimmer

Xhorse key reader test: read HU66 blade key bitting

Xhorse key reader test: read HU101 blade key bitting

Xhorse key reader test: read HU162T blade key bitting

Xhorse key reader test: read SIP22 key bitting

Xhorse Key Reader FAQ

Xhorse Key Reader Promo: Feature Introduction

Tech support

Xhorse Key Reader Review: Decode 11 Keys Success & Accurate
Xhorse Key Reader Review: Identify 7 Car Keys Fast in Secs
Xhorse Key Reader Review: Decode 11 Keys Success & Accurate
Xhorse Key Reader supports to decode keys by a smartphone directly, connecting to Xhorse Key Cutting Machine is not a must. Need only pair it to your phone or device via Bluetooth, which is pretty straightforward process.

Following Im gonna try the new gadget to read 12 keys, including automobile and motorcycle keys.

Decode HU92R OK
Power on the blade skimmer, connect & go to Xhorse App Dolphin page.
*If connected with a Dolphin XP005 or Dolphin II, its also workable to start from Cut by bitting.

Optical identification >> HU92R >> Identification
Hit Key Reader button to insert the key properly.
(Note: insert aslant may lead to decode incorrectly)
Click Identification again.
Its identifying
Biting was read out very quickly, its 32342323.
Its absolutely correct.
Itll display and send the bitting info to Dolphin.
So you can actually cut key directly if already connecting with a key cutting machine.

Decode HU101 OK
Take out the key to try next one HU101.
HU101 >> Identification
Bitting codes: 2124331355, accurately display again in seconds.
So its able to read the 10 cuts HU101 successfully.

Decode HU56RP OK
Go on next one HU56RP.
HU56RP >> Identification
Bitting codes: 24311133, it has decoded accurately as well.

Decode HU100 OK
Go ahead next one HU100.
NE66 >> Identification
Bitting codes: 44313423, it identifies this bitting correctly.
Decode B111 OK
Next one B111, I got it from the junkyard.
B111 >> Identification
Bitting codes: 1212244313, thats accurate.

Decode HU58 OK
Go on HU58, an old BMW key.
Insert into Key Reader.
HU58 >> Identification
Bitting codes: 233123; 134411

Decode GM39 OK
Try next one GM39
GM39 >> Identification
Bitting codes: 1213212312, perfect reading,GM39 worked well.

Decode SIP22 OK
Go ahead next one SIP22, a Fiat 500 key.
SIP22 >> Identification
Bitting codes: ACBBCBAC, it also read SIP22 perfectly.

Decode HON66 OK
Next one HON66 key.
HON66 >> Identification
Bitting codes: 351551; 635451.
All right, Key Reader did read it correctly.

Decode YM63 OK
Next one its a Suzuki Gixxer key or SUV18 key.
Its the same specs as a Yamaha YM63.
YM63 >> Identification
Bitting codes: 2431314.
It can actually identified this key perfectly, too.

Decode HON39 OK
Go ahead the last one HD74 key. Ill use HON39 as usual.
HON39 >> Identification
Bitting codes: 11312, which its perfectly accurate.
You can also read a HD75 key under the same HON39.

During the process, key bitting codes may read incorrectly if I insert in different depths or angles. In that way, I should try in proper position to read for more times. Besides, using a correct key model is also important. Thats because wrong key model will lead to Identification failed or Unknown key type.
However, in view of the Xhorse Blade Skimmer is newly developed, it has read out most of keys Im testing. Look forward to that Xhorse may increase its sensitivity in the short run.

Xhorse Key Reader Review: Identify 7 Car Keys Fast in Secs
Yesterday I got a new gadget to help read key bitting codes. It is called Xhorse Key Reader blade skimmer. So I just cant wait to test how many keys it supports to identify. Lets start!
I can control the small tool through Xhorse Key Reader App on a phone or VVDI Key Tool Max. Anyway, that sounds very convenient. I can also cut a key directly if connecting with a Dolphin XP005 key cutting machine.
Skoda HU66 Test OK
Optical identification >> Skoda >> HU66 >> OK >> Identification
Put the second key into Key Reader Blade Skimmer.
Press Identificationand wait for identifying
Identification successful.
Bitting codes are 34334421.

Hyundai Gen1(2008-) KIA7 Test OK
Optical identification >> Hyundai >> Gen1(After 2008) >> KIA7 >> OK >> Identification
Read out successfully.
Bitting codes are 132212; 112122.

Honda BRIO Test OK
Optical identification >> Honda >> BRIO >> OK >> Identification
Identification successful.
Bitting codes: 142535; 133153.

Mahindra XYLO&SCORP10 Test OK
Optical identification >> Mahindra >> XYLO&SCORP10 >> OK >> Identification
Identification successful.
Bitting codes: 3313245312.

Suzuki Swift HU133R Test OK
Optical identification >> Suzuki >> Swift >> HU133R >> OK >> Identification
Identification successful.
Bitting codes: 2313443421.

Toyota Corolla TOY43 Test OK
Optical identification >> Toyota >> Corolla >> TOY43 >> OK >> Identification
Identification successful.
Bitting codes: 1121323444.

This is Xhorse Key Reader Review on testing 7 car keys, including Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, Mahindra, Hyundai, Skoda & Hero. All can be read out very quickly in seconds. Its indeed to save much time if I just decoded by myself.
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