How to solve FoxFlash can’t connect to EDC16C1 ecu


FoxFlash can’t connect to EDC16C1 ecu, pinout according to instructions on software but no result, show “turn off dashboard off and back on, then wait for 10 seconds before continuing”. Why this happened and how to solve?


Matbe different HW version. Pinout on FoxFlash could work for other C1 versions but not for this one.


1.Check connection and power supply

Pinout (K-Line):

*Watch white cable because there is also a white/red cable in package.

If error remains,

2.Try Pinout (with CAN-Line)

PIN1&7 — 12V


PIN8 — Kline

PIN46 — CanH

PIN33 — CanL

Connect it on Bench Mode.

If error remains, remove Bench Box,

and connect to device on OBD Mode with GODIAG GTT100 OBD2 Breakout Box + an extra power supply


Connection sucessfully.