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Original V1.6.0 Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool for E/F/G Series Coding /Programming / Mileage Correction Can Read Egs Isn For 6hp

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Product Description

Xhorse VVDI BMW is the all-in-one prefessional tool supports E chassis / F chassis diagnostic, mileage correction, coding and immo programming functions.

Xhorse V1.6.0 VVDI BMW Tool For Coding /Programming / Mileage Correction

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1. Support  E chassis/F chassis Programming function
2. Support E chassis / F chassis code function
3. OBD key Key: Support CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/ISTAP/ etc.
4. File Generation Key: Supports CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/ISTAP/CAS4/CAs4+, etc.
5. Support FEM/BDC system to generate keys, replace FEM/BDC control unit, support reset mileage
6. Supports mileage correction CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/ISTAP/CAS4/CAs4+
7. Support for reading EEPROM and sync data for CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3 systems
8. Support simultaneous engine and CAS, synchronous ELV and CAS
9. Support reading SN data from the engine



VVDI BMW Tool language: English,Spanish,Italian,Polish,Hungarian,German
 VVDI BMW Tool language

Free Download VVDI BMW V1.4.6 Software
Free Download VVDI BMW Configuration File


What's the difference between VVDI2 BMW and VVDI BMW?

  1. Vvdi for bmw has possibility for coding and changing cars vo and retrofit options.
  2. vvdi bmw not only for locksmith, it has functions of coding and programming and much more
  3. Vvdi for bmw has possibility for manual coding and changing cars vo (vehicle order ) , emergency flash and retrofit options
What does the VVDI BMW do that the VVDI2 to does not?

It has functions of coding and programming and much more

Coding and programming enabled?

vvdi bmw not only for locksmith, but it has functions of coding and programming and much more (such as change vehicle order and emergency flash and manual coding ….)

Easy to use?

For people who already is familiar with Bmw this tool is a mix of of Esys and Vvdi. Very easy, very powerful and quite useful.

VVDI BMW Update Information

VVDI BMW TOOL latest software version V1.6.0 update VVDI BMW TOOL latest software version V1.6.0 update

VVDI BMW TOOL latest software version V1.6.0 update
*** 2020-04-15 
*** Require firmware V1.4.6 
===== BMW V1.6.0 =====
1.Improvement for CAS4 OBD(5M48H/1N35H/1L15Y) FAST-MODE unlock:
1).Unlock only need 2 minutes
2).Support read D-FLASH(EEPROM), P-FLASH via OBDII
3).Support OBD exchange CAS4 
4).Support fix remote/smart function via OBDII
2.Improvement for E-series programming and coding: Support programming compatible software version
3.Improvement for F/G-series programming and coding
4.Support read E-series 6HP ISN - require online
5.Add FSC function-Support backup license, write license, calculate NBT/CIC activate code
6.Support OBD read ISN - EDC16xx, EDC17xx
7.Bugfix for F-series special function: Initialize windows
8.Improvement for exchange CAS3/CAS4/CAS4+
9.Support customer request with car

VVDI BMW TOOL latest software version V1.5.0 update
*** 2020-01-13 
*** Require firmware V1.4.3 
===== BMW V1.5.0 =====
1. Improvement for F-Series coding and programming
2. Bugfix for Disable/Enable key for CAS4
3. Support get ISN from EDC17 eeprom dump file
4. Special function for F/G series: Update MSM, Reset FlexRay, Initialize car window
5. Support search coding
6. Bugfix
download link:

VVDI BMW TOOL latest software version V1.4.9 update
*** 2020-01-03 
*** Require firmware V1.4.3 
===== BMW V1.4.9 =====
1. Improvement for F-Series coding and programming-Support update installECUList
2. Improvement for VIN decode function
3. Support reset F-Series 6HP EWS information
4. Special function for F/G series: Improvement for switch ON ignition
5. E-series ECU synchronize code(OBDII): Add new type for N73_R0, N73_L0, ME9N62, ME9E65 etc

BMWTOOL release V1.4.7 version. It require download latest configuration V1.0.2
*** 2019-12-26 
*** Require firmware V1.4.3 
===== BMW V1.4.7 =====
1. Improvement for E-Series coding and programming-Bugfix for E65
2. Improvement for F-Series coding and programming-Support select target version manually
3. F/G-Series support update I-step
4. Bugfix for G-Series identification
5. Improvement for FEM/BDC prepare dealer key
6. Improvement for CAS4 prepare dealer key
7. Add transponder function: Menu->Special Function->Transponder Read/Write support HITAG2, HITAG3
8. Support chassis classify, VIN decode function
9. Add special function for F/G series: Reset engine start, switch off transport mode, reset ELV, write SVT, initialize Flexray etc.

software link: https://public-ap-southeast-1-1251058331.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/download/product/bmwtool/software/BMWTOOL-InstallerV147.exe
configuration file link: https://public-ap-southeast-1-1251058331.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/download/product/bmwtool/software/BMWTOOL-ConfigurationFileV102.exe

VVDI BMW 1.4.6

2019-11-16 Require firmware V1.4.3
BMW V1.4.6
1. Improvement for E-Series coding and programming
2. Improvement for F-Series coding and programming
3. Bugfix

VVDI BMW 1.4.5
Date: 2019-11.08

1. Improvement for E-Series coding and programming
2. Improvement for F-Series coding and programming
3. Improvement for CAS4 OBD key learning

VVDI BMW 1.4.3
hi, all, bmwtool release new version v1.4.3. try download new version from update center->update software. 
Also you can download the new version from link:https://public-ap-southeast-1-1251058331.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/download/product/bmwtool/software/BMWTOOL-InstallerV143.exe

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